Wednesday, May 9, 2007

After School Treat, Indeed.

Well, nothing guarantees that you'll be in a mood (or that I'll be in a mood) to give your kids cookies after school like the school being in lockdown because of a neighborhood bank robbery. I saw a police car coming up the street as I left to pick up my daughter from her preschool, but, since I have an insane neighbor who likes to call 911, I really didn't think anything of it.

When I saw there were police cars surrounding my son's elementary school, I had a few more questions. I asked one of the police surrounding the school what was up and... one of the neighborhood banks was robbed and the suspect was at large. Faaaan-tas-tic. It made me think less than fondly of the time my husband was robbed. At gunpoint. In front of our house. While I was taking the trash out. It's nice that I live in such a safe neighborhood.

As I got home, another neighbor informed me that, in addition to the police cars we could see prowling the streets, police on foot, with dogs, had been going down the alley.

Cookies and milk were distributed to my healthy, happy children, who agreed, with wide eyes, that it was, indeed, a three-kid cookie. They pretty much instantly forgot about the fact that an armed man with a sack of cash was running around the neighborhood and settled down to the important business of cookies and milk. And then they played FBI and shot the bad guy. Great.

And, as a less emotional decision (verdict? whatever.): the chocolate chip cookies from the Volunteer Park Cafe & Marketplace are too sweet.

I included a picture of a cupcake from Cupcake Royale because cupcakes are pretty much a child's Platonic ideal of an after school treat. My kids have been devoted fans for several years, now. Cupcakes are really a much happier topic than bank robberies.

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