Friday, May 18, 2007

Focaccia For My Blog Police

Focaccia was on the menu tonight. I got the dough set up before collecting both kids from school, and then when the second rising was done, they helped with what they refer to as "poke, poke, brush, brush, sprinkle, sprinkle." Which is... poke with fingers, brush with an olive-oil water mix and sprinkle with salt before putting in the oven. Focaccia is part of the reason we ended up going with the obscure salt trend- they like to pick the salt we sprinkle with. My daughter likes Murray River Pink salt... which she just calls pink salt. And my son likes black lava flake salt. More accurately, they like the way these salts look. The World Spice Merchants (and by now probably your local supermarket, but this place smells better) carries a nice selection of salts, almost all without stuff mixed in (e.g., vanilla salt, truffle salt, saffron salt). The obscure salts do look kind of cool.

My oven's a little wonky, so even at 25 degrees below the recommended heat, the focaccia cooked faster than I'd expected and came out a bit too dark.

Still, fresh warm bread is tough to beat. They had theirs with prosciutto and cheese (the little white ball near the wedge of focaccia there is an herbed goat cheese ball and although "cheese ball" sounds a bit nasty, these are scrumptious), and were very happy with it.

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