Tuesday, May 15, 2007


Is it wrong to admit that I fed my children french-fries for dinner? If it is, you should stop reading right about... now.

We went to Frites for the kids' dinner tonight. It was a hot day (okay, for Seattle) and eating dinner out sounded pretty appealing. And they've been stumping for Frites for a while. Since dinner was less than nutritionally sound, I thought I'd go ahead and make it a total disaster and got them each a scoop of ice cream before heading to Frites. They were ecstatic. And could not WAIT to tell their father how shockingly Mom had behaved.

It's tough to argue with Frites. The fries themselves are terrific. I like when it's slow and the counterperson runs the potatoes through the frites-cutter thing (I apologize for the highly technical jargon). It's like a giant juicer, only it's got sharp cutting edges to neatly slice up a potato. Today there was a band getting ready at Neumo's, so the guys at the counter were tracking more on that- no frites cutting. The mayonnaises are quite good- my son is partial to the rosemary mayonnaise (which is tough to argue with), my daughter to the andalouse (again, good choice). I really like the ancho- but it's pretty tough to go wrong on the mayonnaise front there. Not a place for someone who thinks carbs are bad, although they have, sometime in the last year, added bratwursts to the menu.

The peonies are about to pop. They look so cabbage-y when the buds are developing, that the hyper-frilly flowers the buds open to seem so improbable.

My crazy neighbor was released from jail (where she was housed on the psychiatric floor) without me having to go downtown and bail her out. I was relieved, on several fronts. I did learn from what amounted to the jail's front desk how to bail someone out. They were very patient in explaining. You pay (cash or cashier's check) and the person gets out. Ta-da. I've had things at the dry cleaner's that were harder than that to set free, and they certainly didn't throw excrement at my house and shout that I'm a whore with nothing to eat (although to be fair, she doesn't usually do both at once).


AJD said...

So, just out of curiousity, are you attempting to prove your neighbor wrong on the "nothing-to-eat" front? lol ;-)

Meg said...

hee. Well, I'm pretty sure that in her mind, the fact that I took the kids out proves that we have nothing to eat (at home), since she shouts that she can never smell my cooking and therefore we have nothing to eat. Therefore is my word, not hers. The rest of the reasoning is ALL hers.