Friday, May 25, 2007

Happy Hour with The Kids!

We've had a couple of nice days in a row. Last night my son's elementary school had their spring concert (singing Joan Jett's "I love Rock and Roll" and the Kinks' "Lola" sung as "Yo-yo-yo-yo-Yoda" - with recorders, I kid you not. It was awesome). Tonight we're off to Vancouver for a hockey tournament and a gander at the Beluga whales at the aquarium. Otherwise, I'd probably be on the phone to Cascadia to see if their patio is open. Because, the thing is, I really want to take my kids to Cascadia’s bar.

That’s right. I want to take my kids to a bar. Because I am a gooood mom. Dina Lohan and I apparently have a lot in common. Let’s party, kids! Woo!

Actually, it’s because I think they’d get a kick out of the much-famed mini-burgers that are only on the bar menu. Kids love burgers. They love things that come in kid sizes. And we have no White Castles in our area. Although tells me that you can buy frozen slyders at Albertson’s, which just sounds scary. Slyders are scary enough without seeing them before they’re properly hot and greasy, and really, who wants that smell filling their entire house? You can also buy yourself a White Castle –“Always open. Always tasty” - t-shirt (right across the boobs), which is hysterical and slightly revolting, like Slyders themselves. Anyway, small-sized burgers (especially, for my son, if we can get those burgers with some cheese) are very likely to make for happy children, and, because they eat so early, we’ll be able to snag them at happy hour prices.

I know, it gets better and better. I want to take my kids to a bar to take advantage of the happy hour prices. Call me, Dina! Or, don’t. Please.

Since it’s a bar, minors aren’t allowed in the bar area, thus thwarting me and my new best-est imaginary buddy Dina from going out and getting loaded with our babies. But a loophole exists for the patio.

The patio gets the bar menu, but is not in the bar area, so on a nice day sometime soon, we are totally there. Curly will be loud and happy- she’s a meat-eater (or as she used to say, a meat-eater-saurus), and the meat comes at a discount. It’s Cascadia, so it’s still not cheap, but the bill for half a dozen mini-burgers at least won’t be eye-popping. My son will happily eat and quiz me on something, and we will all chow down.

Picture-wise, all I've got is the wedge-shaped dinner I fed the kids a couple of nights ago. Quesadillas and watermelon. Not balanced, exactly, but it hit the spot for them. Also, my blog police have been after me to post, and to include a picture of their wedge-shaped dinner. Trust me when I say the blog police in hot (and unrelenting) pursuit is enough to make you sit down and get to it.

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