Friday, May 18, 2007

I Raised The Blog Police

My kids have become the blog police. I don't think, until I started this, that they knew what a blog was. And I'm pretty sure that I've conveyed to them that my mom (and apparently, once, my dad!), my sisters, my brother and my husband read it. Sometimes. We're not talking about a famous food blog here, which is good, since I don't think most famous blogs talk about how their crazy neighbor once smeared their car door handles with excrement (and she doesn't have a dog any more, which just ups the ew factor). I'm not going to put up a picture of food after talking about my crazy neighbor's... hobbies.

So in the morning, after the poppy report is shouted for the house (14 poppies are presently in bloom, according to my daughter's very enthusiastic count), I am now grilled about what I had for dinner, and whether or not I photographed it, and if it's up on the blog yet. Who are these children? If I mention lentils, their eyes glaze over and they change the topic, fast. Now? They want to know what I did with the lentils, whether I have pictures for them to check out and if I've posted it on the blog. I mention lentils because I tried a Marcella Hazan recipe for a lentil and cucumber salad last night.

I am quite suspicious of dishes containing lentils (and I hate marmalade and liver and still, somehow, still don't think of myself as a picky eater). And yet, this past winter and spring, lentils have been cooked... by me. Lentils with mushrooms (and bacon). Lentil soup. And the un-tasty-sounding: lentil and cucumber salad.

Which was... good. My husband liked it, too. And he is not a lentil booster.

I trust Marcella Hazan's opinion. It is embarrassing to admit that I totally call her Marcella in my head, even though we've never met, never will meet and should we, somehow bump into one another, I would probably call her ma'am and then get too shy to say anything else. So when Marcella noted it was a really interesting salad, I filed it away in my mind to try someday. I served some lamb chops with a lemony dressing on top of the lentil salad, and some roast asparagus with truffle salt (another fancy and undoubtedly over-priced salt) on the side. Lots of vinegar and lemon washing around on the plate, but it was just the two of us, and my husband in particular is a lover of things sour.
I forgot to take a picture of the lamb chops, or of the whole thing on the plate. I was really hungry. And... okay, I wanted to watch the season finale of Gray's Anatomy, even if it has kind of sucked this season, and even if they were being rather lazy by using a wedding in a season finale. I'd love to see a season finale wedding total someday: 2007: 12 series used a wedding, and in 50% of those, the wedding was called off.
The blog police still caught me out on a lack of picture of the lamb. My television excuse was not met with understanding (especially because they're not allowed to eat in the living room at all). I was given a stern warning.

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