Saturday, May 12, 2007

Swim Lessons and Bakeries

Now that ice hockey season is over, and we've had a little over a month to remember that Saturday mornings can be used for things not involving getting two kids into hockey gear and out on the ice, the kids are starting swim lessons on Saturday mornings. They love being in the water and swimming.

I get a kick out of watching them. The whole get them ready into the pool get towels get them out and into the shower and persuade them to get dressed... I could do without that part. It's definitely a hassle. But I love watching them actually in their swim lessons, visibly relishing it, their heads gleaming with water as they come up.

And... I love talking with them about what we'll have to eat afterwards. I told my son we needed to get groceries, and I said that since it was closest, and semi-on-the-way to home, we'd go to the Whole Foods on Westlake. He suggested a dinner menu and asked if we could stop at Top Pot (and we are all Top Pot Doughnut fans in this house), since it was on the way. Apparently he pays attention when we're cruising around on errands. After some chatting, we settled on the Dahlia Bakery. My daughter didn't contribute to this because she was in the water with her instructor, practicing her back float and waving at me.

We got an eclair (the small third was for me) for them to have after lunch. And I bought a mini coconut cream pie, because there is something inexplicably irresistible about the Dahlia Bakery's mini coconut cream pies. I don't even really like coconut, and I enjoy these pies. The counter staff was incredibly nice when I said we'd be a while before ordering (the kids like to talk it over with each other, since they often have to share) and gave the kids each a substantial piece of dark chocolate cookie to munch on while they talked. The kids agreed that next time we go there, they'll share one.
We're having grilled pork meatballs with fish sauce, cilantro and garlic over rice for dinner. I'm also going to make some bok choy with tofu and a cucumber ginger salad, but the kids will probably only have token amounts of those. A year ago, I would not have been able to imagine my son asking for a dinner like that. He used to survive on milk and cheddar cheese goldfish. And a periodic piece of bacon. And cheese. He's long been a bit of a cheese-lover (with a particular fondness for extremely expensive goat cheeses like chevrot and crottin du chavignol), which struck me as a bit incongruous in such a fussy eater. This is a very nice improvement.
My daughter woke up early this morning because she was so excited that swim lessons were starting today. She is now having a melt-down about her play-dough creation and I have to go.

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