Sunday, May 20, 2007

Weekend Summary

Poppy count: 22

Percentage of peonies staked: 5

Percentage of peonies about to bloom, get weighed down with rain and tip over into the mud: 95
Blog entries made: 2 (if you count Friday)

Blog entries checked and approved by my blog police: 2

Children's birthday parties attended this weekend (and I managed to weasel out of being the accompanying adult to either one): 2

Free pieces of furniture discovered in front of someone's house (with a "free" sign decoratively put on top) and painfully carried into our car, out of our car and then down to our basement: 1

Swim lessons: 2

Weather: K-k-k-crappy (although there have been spots of sunshine and flowers are cooperatively in bloom, so we're supposed to pretend it's Lovely! Blech. I want coffee, a pain au chocolat, solitude and Vogue)

Number of times my cheese hound son attended the Cheese Festival: 0. Poor kid started feeling poorly, and although he tried to rally, he was finally forced to admit that he felt too lousy even for cheese. It's tough to be an unwell cheese nerd. And 7. We read Wheel On The School until my voice started to give out.

People in our house skirting closely to hypothermia because they chose to play soccer when it was 50 degrees and pelting rain: 1. Me. Of course, we only had 7 women, just enough to not have to forfeit. What I learned: pale purple lips are not a good look for me. And also, yuck. What kind of dummy goes out to play soccer when it's 50 degrees and raining? Turns out: me, and a bunch of other women. And the ref, but he was getting paid (although not a lot, I'm sure).
Proms attended by my niece: 1

Proms that went well: 1. You'd think it'd be 0, given all the stories of unpleasant proms floating around, but word is that she had a good time, and she looked really, really pretty. See?

She picked a very prommy dress, but in a good way, instead of a hand-me-the-pepto-bismol-that's-too-sweet way, or a did-her-parents-okay-that? sort of way. Just right. And she didn't spackle herself with make-up- she put enough on to give a finished look, but not enough to obscure the lovely natural glow she has. All in all: well done, kid. I'd say that I like the handbag, but that would be be a little disingenuous- it was my bag and I sent it out to her for prom.

She's 16. Don't get all leery and creepy, even though she does look fantastic.

Dinner-wise, we're going with an old war-horse of ours for damp and clammy nights: cheesebread. We have a loaf of Como bread from the Grand Central Bakery, nice and crusty. We have prosciutto and we have cheese and olive oil. Because cheese is a very personal choice in our house (which is a little ridiculous, but I think I was the one who somehow led us down that primrose path) we have multiple cheese options. Cheese gets put on the bread, it gets run under the broiler until the bread and cheese are looking satisfactorily toasty. Olive oil is lightly drizzled over, prosciutto gets put atop, and it gets shovelled back under the broiler until the prosciutto looks a bit crisped. More oil is applied, and the whole oily mess gets snarfed down while hot. You could call it a wintry bruschetta or a fancy open-faced grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Either way, it's tough to argue with something that has 1) good bread, 2) good cheese and 3) a tasty bit of cured pork. It's pretty much the comfort food triple-crown in the savory category. We noshed happily.

We also had a salad (and by "we" I do not mean either one of the children) from Vegetable Harvest. I always feel faintly embarrassed admitting that I used a recipe to make a salad, but... I do. I have a tendency to sink into a salad rut that I don't as much with other vegetable dishes. Paging through cookbooks helps me shift, at least a little. We tried the minted Jerusalem artichoke salad with mache (visually, not so different than arugula fennel salad), and it was really enjoyable. I was ready for something tart and minty, and it delivered pleasantly.

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AJD said...

Amusingly enough, prom girl's dad just "happened" to have an extra day at Army reserve, and just "happened" to not have enough time to change before going over for pictures. A fact duly noted by pretty much ALL the young men there ;-).