Friday, June 29, 2007

Allergic Reactions Are Real Crumb-bums

To use a phrase (or noun? What is a crumb-bum, really?) of my crazy neighbor’s, yesterday was a real crumb-bum of a day. My boy, who just cannot catch a damn break this month, had an allergic reaction to the antibiotics he’s taking. Which he was taking to get rid of pneumonia. Which the doctor thinks he was left susceptible to because of the horrible infection and virus that invaded his mouth. Gah.

I think that I shouldn’t have said that I would find something to be bitter about when school ended. I didn’t actually mean that I was hoping that I would be supplied with something genuinely upsetting. I meant more that I could complain about the general lack of Christian Louboutins in my closet (the horror! Or, Elmer-Fudd-as-Kurtz style: the ho-whoh), or the fact that I’ve gone my entire life without… something impractical, overpriced and generally totally unnecessary (like that silver mod Alberta Ferretti dress- now on sale, but still 4 figures).

Not too surprisingly, I was just the teensiest bit tense yesterday. We went to La Medusa for dinner to celebrate the end of the quarantine period (I was trying to keep my babes away from my dad and The Incredible Eating Nephew once we knew they had pneumonia). La Medusa is a general favorite. The kids love the salt cod fritters (as do I, and, as it turns out, after some suspicious sniffs and pokes, so does The Incredible Eating Nephew), I love the pasta con le sarde, the Grandma’s greens… it’s a really enjoyable restaurant. I love how they bring bread dough for kids, and then bake it for them after they’ve made it into shapes (Curly: butterflies, like she saw at the zoo. My boy: focaccia and baguette combined). I almost ruined dinner by crabbing at all three children about their manners non-stop, but despite my tense (or intense. Or both) crabbiness, it seemed like a good time was had by all. Curly and I both put on dresses. She wore her cow-girl boots, and I busted out a clutch I got at Hitchcock last summer (it’s a tiny shop, but they pretty much always have something chic and interesting, and it’s right near Cupcake Royale, so you can get sugar, caffeine and then browse accessories, and also, glassy baby now has a shop in Madrona, although their prices have risen).
Cooking this week has been a little on the limited side- I know that when I have pneumonia or some other chest infection, I largely subsist on chocolate and coffee. Being a hypocrite, I did try and get the children to consume a healthier diet than that, but… I understand a little too well how non-stop coughing and wheezing squelches the appetite. I made strawberry syrup the other day (while, to their scandalized delight, allowing them to watch Muppet Treasure Island during the day). We had some ripe strawberries that had gotten a little too soft to be appealing to eat, it kept me from hovering, worried-mama style, over the little sickos, and it allowed me to make them something that would be appealing to them (we usually use the syrup for strawberry lemonade, and fluids are a good thing when you have pneumonia). Plus, last time we made strawberry syrup and lemonade, my poor boy was in the throes of Scary Infected Mouth, and an acidic drink when your mouth is full of infected sores is not really so pleasant. Now that we’re (hopefully. I am knocking on wood hard enough for my hand to hurt.) moving out of Interesting Health Problems Month, we’ll get back to cooking up some more ice cream, and maybe even some regular food. I’ve got salt cod soaking so that I can make brandade tomorrow night, which both of my kids really like, and if they’re vacuuming it up, The Incredible Eating Nephew will at least taste it. And if he tastes it, then he usually snarfs it up. He is, after all, The Incredible Eating Nephew. And tonight I think we’ll just have a chicken and rice pilaf thing from Arabesque. It’s kid-friendly but not totally dull, and it’s easy.

I’m ready for easy, with a biiiiig glass of wine. And some gelato.

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