Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Mod-Inspired Space Age Disco Dresses

There are a few dresses pictured here, all available on net-a-porter.com, which is pretty much expensive clothing porn. I love the site. I've never bought anything from it, because, well, Pucci, Jimmy Choo and their ilk don't come cheap, and even I would have trouble telling my daughter she can't go to pre-school because I just had to have one of these dresses. And... the images are reproduced with permission. It makes me feel so grown-up. Despite the scary-sounding legalese on the site (of the "violators WILL be punished to the fullest extent of the law" sort. Eek.), the people over there are very, very nice.

Okay, on to the subject at hand.

Sometimes Mod-Inspired Space Age Disco dresses work. I adore this dress (Alberta Ferretti). I think, somehow, it works. Where, in Seattle, I would go in it, I cannot say. A black tie Star Trek fan party? A formal event on Crazy Day? It would look fabulous and repel the signals from outer space.
What shoes does one wear with a dress that may well be made from a blend of tin-foil and recycled plastic bottles (it's earth-friendly!)? White patent leather go-go boots? They'd work for the imaginary black tie Star Trek party as a sort of homage to the way the women on the show dressed. More silver? Jimmy Choo does have some crazy-adorable cork wedges with silver straps this summer. Shoes aside, it's a cocktail dress... with pockets? Also, it's almost $1,700 (no, I didn't misplace any decimal points).

The disadvantages of it are fairly clear. But, it has a great line, I love the neck (including the plastic love beads hot glue-gunned to it), and it looks both comfortable and, against all odds, quite chic. I think it's awesome. Maybe I've spent too much time with my crazy neighbor, or the world-view of the neighborhood crows (real ones, attracted to shiny stuff, caw alot) and their love of shiny is starting to get to me. We're at the time of year where they park themselves near our cherry tree and caw like crazy, at 5am, at anything that dares go near the cherries (usually a racoon, which likes to park on a branch outside our window and eat cherries VERY loudly until enough crows arrive on the scene to chase it off). Crows and why they do what they do have been on my mind. On the plus side, the kids' bedroom is not near the cherry tree, or the ruckus. But we are going through coffee like you would not believe right now.

Anyway, the dress.

Obviously, it's better suited to Vegas than Seattle. Which is to say it is not even a little tasteful (well, a little. It has a high-ish cut neck). And yes, the silver trend has probably reached such a ridiculous saturation point that it will be utterly passe very, very soon. And yes, I love it. Shiny, pretty, tacky, fun. I happen to be a bit of a dress addict, as well, despite the fact that I don't get to wear them very often. [Hey, my husband, that's not a hint or a plaint - it would look more than a little silly for me to click into the rink in high heels and one of these dresses, carrying my hockey bag, heading for the locker room. Also, the straps on the bag (kind of chafe-y) might not do good things for either of these dresses.]

The one to the right, I also love. I am a complete sucker for Pucci, even though I have to admit that 1) I'm fairly confident that their pricing for the next season's collection is decided during a drunk darts game at their fabulous Florentine palazzo (e.g. a label with this dress's picture was affixed to a dart, which was then thrown at a board with a random selection of high prices) and 2) while sometimes Pucci makes over-the-top, look-at-me fabulous clothing, at other times the designs are a train-wreck. You can't really look away, but you're not happy to be looking at it. This one, I like. The line of the dress is simple enough to not interfere with the pattern and embellishment (which I admit, is alot to have going on, but it works on this dress). It looks comfortable without sacrificing any style.

Sadly, both of the first two dresses are short enough to require pretty good legs. I have strong legs. And they're not awful. But they're not head-turning, either. And they are most certainly NOT long. I'm 5'3". Unless I was all leg, I can't have long legs. Plus, regardless of my personal feelings about my legs, I don't feel super-comfortable with skirts cut 4"-6" above the knee. Sitting down or bending over just gets too complicated. And, of course, $1700 for a dress that I will spill something on seems... crazy. Crazy is the word I'm looking for. Even if the tin foil and sequins do repel stains. Hmm. I use the word crazy an awful lot.

Lest you think I like anything that smacks of tin-foil, and am so attracted to shiny that I am actually an old crow, I present the space-age disco dress... for a milk maid.Ta... duh. Oy. However, this is a great day to evening for a space age milkmaid. Wear it to work with your normal dairy barn workboots, kerchief and apron, and then change accessories for evening and you are good to go.