Friday, June 1, 2007

Thwarted by Cascadia's Happy Hour

I tried to take my kids to happy hour at Cascadia. And legally, I would have been allowed to do it. And it was the perfect evening for it - not too hot, but not chilly, either.

Except... people LINED UP for seats on the patio before the restaurant opened at 5pm. I had (foolishly, it seems) assumed that the early hour my kids eat at would allow us to slide in without any trouble. At 5:04, having parked the car, we were told there would be an hour wait. And I have a feeling that attempting to give the kids fake ID so we could sit in the bar and eat mini-burgers would have ended in failure. And, you know, arrest. I said no thanks to the hour wait, and we left, crestfallen.

Lined up? I guess it is Friday.

In other (thrilling!) news, on closer tasting (that would be a nice big bowl), it turns out I did screw up the custard for the mint ice cream a little. It's not so bad as to be frozen minty scrambled eggs, but it is a little... textured.

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