Friday, July 6, 2007

No. More. Dairy.

Last night, my husband and I both hit the wall on being able to eat any more high-fat dairy products. The 4th was lovely, but we ate enough high-fat dairy to last us for… well, at least a day. I can’t give up ice cream for very long.
Being ready for something completely without dairy, I made the tuna sashimi salad from Tom Douglas’s Seattle Kitchen. My husband and I both really like it, and it was just the ticket for a couple of people who were starting to feel like foie gras geese. It's pretty and fresh-tasting and I really like the green onion pancakes that are suggested to go with it (which, okay, use an egg, so we weren't totally dairy-free). While I was slicing the tuna, the light came in across the cutting board in a way I found mesmerizing.
The reason that we were able to eat something that would not have been happily met by the kids was because I'd made the kids hamburgers for their dinner, which is pretty early (including the Incredible Eating Nephew, who would have been undone by the amount of unfamiliar and green food on a single plate). After staying up late on the 4th, my kids were out cold not much after 7:15, and The Incredible Eating Nephew went to a summer blow-'em-up movie with my brother.

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