Friday, July 27, 2007


Obviously the above picture doesn't show it (I'll discuss the sandal after a few digressions), but I've had a weird, inexplicable fondness lately for a sort of shirt that would best be described as a kooky art teacher smock. Very loose, lightweight fabric, oddball sewing detail... really, the sort of tent-y sort of crap one is forced to wear towards the end of pregnancy. Since having babies, and having to wear maternity clothes (look, no matter how cute you make the outfit, it's still a maternity outfit and will be hated once the pregnancy is gone) I've been pretty anti-empire waist and smocky stuff. I put it on and suddenly my ankles feel swollen, my back hurts and I want to throw up. Maybe women who had fun pregnancies would reminisce with a smile at the happy memories while they hand over their credit cards. I had morning sickness for NINE MONTHS with Curly, and it was the throw up daily kind (as unhappy as I was, I was also perfectly healthy and still, through a diet of lemonade and mashed potatoes, gaining weight, so as much as I kvetched, I was okay. Puking, but okay.). Yeah, good times. Until very recently, I've avoided empire waists and things that smack of smock as if the clothing itself will give me morning sickness. Or, you know, the plague. Curly is 5 and a half now, by the way. Also, the top shown above is not really sheer, but my husband had to use the flash on the camera, which suddenly made it seem sheer.

But this spring... I bought an empire-waisted sun dress. I'm still a little torn as to whether it was a good choice on me, since it's a bit out of my usual style, but... that's a different subject. And a few days ago, after thinking it over for some time, I bought myself a kooky art teacher smock. It was on sale at Barneys, which just opened in their new temple of retail location downtown, and... I didn't buy it when I first tried it on. I thought it was funny, in a haha and fun sort of way (seriously, check out the hilariously wobbly hem that looks like someone with poor sewing skills tried to sew on while drunk, and yes, I agree that those shorts don't work with that top so well, although, well, moving on...), and it was really comfortable. And, I know it makes me sound mundane (I am), but I appreciated that it was machine-washable. A few days later, after promising a good bakery if they didn't touch anything, I dragged the kids in after swim lessons and bought it. I'm not totally sure it's me - it's in eyelet- (pardon me- broderie anglaise, which I assume is used as a name to increase the mark-up), it's got ruffles (usually something I like on my clothes as much as I like open infected sores on my person) and it's smocky (which is sort of fun to say, the same way snot is. smocka. smocka. smocka. It's like Fozzy Bear messed up his usual line.), which add up to three things that are not anywhere else in my closet or drawers. And yet... I kinda like it. And it's sort of fun having something that's sort of trendy.
But walking around this afternoon, I realized I was wearing metallic sandals - top picture- and may I say those sandals are not quite but rather close to being as comfortable as my poor old birks, which are ten years old (and the metallic ones have rubber soles, which means I can jog after the kids while they ride bikes and not worry about landing on my nose suddenly)? I was carrying a bag with colored patent detailing (yay, ebay!). I was wearing a smocky top, and... then, because three months ago I lost my last pair, I purchased a pair of $15 ginormous bug-girl sunglasses, to finish off my over-trending moment. I think my next one is due to come up in... 2014?


chris said...

Cute. Love your blog.

Meg said...

Thanks. It's been surprisingly fun doofing around with it. I totally peeked at your blog (fun to read). I have triplet nieces (so I wasn't the one putting them down for naps, thankfully) but I think most parents of single birth babies (even when they have several kids) just don't understand how MUCH more effort all of it is with multiples.