Friday, July 27, 2007

Pigging Out

So, in while I was over-trending, I was cruising around downtown with the kids and my dad. We were touring some of the pigs (there are 100- we bagged around 19) that the Market Foundation will presumably auction off at the end of the summer to raise money.

First, we went to the library, because my kids looove the library and its super. duper. slow. lime. green. elevators. Did I mention they're slow? As my boy has recently taken to saying: good gravy (and what a hilarious saying that is). They're reeeaaaallly slow. We hit the library to start because they wanted to see the Green Eggs and Ham pig first (which made us all feel so smaaahht for figuring it out. It's a good thing it wasn't the Anna Karenina pig- throwing herself under a train?- or something more high-minded). The kids loved the tattoos on the pig's butt. The Sam in a heart is pretty cute. If you're feeling cross, I suppose it would be cutesy, but I am, for once, not feeling particularly cross (I had a ridiculously lovely day. Even I have trouble feeling cross after a day like today).

I snacked them up at Belle Epicurean, which I always think of as Belle's Buns, and they ate their brioches happily (and, ooookay, I got them hot chocolate, too). And then we went to see the disco pig (details of it are pictured above), and onwards to other pigs before we hit the market (and more pigs). The market was crazy-busy, as if it was Saturday afternoon instead of Friday, but it was a gorgeous day, lunchtime, and it looked like a couple of cruise ships were in harbor, which might have explained the crowds.
We rounded up peaches and other stuff at Sosio's, tortillas and salsa verde at the Mexican grocery, and some meat from the meat counter (for carnitas tonight). We stopped in at The Spanish Table, and while I was buying salt cod and mojama, the kids convinced me that temporary pirate tattoos would be fun. Sure. Why not? I have a silly smock top; there's no reason my children shouldn't run around with Jolly Roger tattoos on their arms. Aside from good taste, which is often over-rated. The kids, when we got home, were already talking about how many more pigs we were going to track down. We got home, they ate the baguette sandwich I'd snagged from Le Panier en route from the Mexican grocery to Sosio's, they played in the sprinkler in the sunshine and ended up having a water-gun fight with several of the neighbor kids. We had watermelon for dessert. It was a Platonic Summer Day.

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