Thursday, July 26, 2007

Swim Lessons, Bakeries and Poaching

The kids are taking swim lessons. My boy basically swims laps for the better part of forty-five minutes, and Curly works her little behind off for half an hour. After, both need to eat (failure to feed them will result in total meltdowns). When The Incredible Eating Nephew was here, we had to go scooting home from swim lessons so he could get to a hockey clinic on time (how's THAT for plenty of exercise in one day- and yes, he ate even more while he did that), so I had to snack them up as best I could on the spot.
Now that we have a little more time (and also, partly to feed them treats because they miss their cousin, and I do, too), we've been picking bakeries to go to after swim lessons. It's not the cheapest way to go, but it's pretty fun for all three of us. We went to Sweet & Savory and Le Panier this week.

My boy, in particular, is hungry enough after swimming laps for forty five minutes to eat almost anything, and so I got him, finally, to try one of Le Panier's sandwiches. Curly has long loved their Toulonaise (which I'm pretty sure I spelled incorrectly, but I am in total agreement with her that it's a great sandwich), which she calls their tuna-way (because it's a tuna sandwich). But my boy, although he loves their croissants, their macaroons, their brioche and their baguettes, has avoided their sandwiches. He was hungry enough, this time, to dig into whatever was put in front of him. I went with a nice, simple ham and butter baguette sandwich. He got about halfway through it, smiled at me, and said that it was delicious (Curly, meanwhile, was happily inhaling her tuna-way and being reminded not to chatter when there's food in her mouth). And then he went right back to eating it. It is, I have to say, hard not to make a good sandwich on their bread. Baguette Box gets their baguettes from Le Panier for a good reason: those baguettes will make any sandwich better. Bakery Nouveau, The Dahlia Bakery and Top Pot are all contenders for next week. And my son hopefully mentioned Le Fournil. We'll see what comes out ahead. The loss of Frites is making my fat-craving instincts go crazy, so we may need to do Top Pot.

While the kids eat, I read aloud to them, which, in a bakery, I feel a little dumb doing, but they really like it, so... why not? Right now, we're reading Danny the Champion of the World, which I loved as a child, and they adore. I felt particularly self-conscious reading it at Le Panier, partly because I had to read louder than usual, since it's always crowded and noisy in there, and partly because I felt as if someone was staring. Turns out, someone was. I heard my name, and saw one of my hockey team-mates from my summer team (which is co-ed). He was in, picking up lunch for himself and his daughter. He politely asked what I was reading to them, and I explained, feeling like A Bad Mother, that I was reading them a book about a father teaching his son... to poach. And I don't mean like making a nice poached egg.

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