Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Eating Off The Branch

It’s that time of year. The first plums on our plum tree are ripening (and testing for ripeness usually involves a week or two of someone making a really funny too sour! face before spitting out the bite they took). The tomato plants are pathetic, given July’s cool weather and my benign neglect, but they are producing delicious tomatoes. The basil has finally (mostly, anyway) stopped sulking.

The figs… well, have largely come and gone, but they were silken and juicy. The garden, as a whole, has that ragged late summer look (and yes, my garden tends to have that in early summer, too, but we’ll, er, overlook that). Blackberries are finally in season. Blueberries are ready. Peaches are drippy and juicy.
And the children have been hot to make lemonade. We finally did, today, with a friend of my boy's. As they squeezed the lemons, they made the lemons say “No, no, please, I’ll be good, don’t juice me! Please, I want to live! No, no, no! Aaaghhh!” Um, but they’re nice, well-adjusted children. I took a picture of the lemonade next to a portrait of Curly's favorite dinosaur (named Rainbow, who she sleeps with, reads to and plays cards with), wearing a party hat. Because even ferocious carnivores like a good, flowered hat now and then.

Of course, the delicious garden bounty also means... visitors.


sognatrice said...

We just got our first really good plums (no sour faces!) of the year around here (southern Italy) as well--I'm eating one now in fact :)

Love these photos, especially of your visitor!

Followed you here from your comment over at Amanda's Figs Olives Wine, and I'll be having more of a look about now, thanks ;)

Figs Olives Wine said...

How lovely to have all those things growing just for you. I've been in NYC for way too long!

Meg said...

Sognatrice- you probably get the right amount of heat for really wonderfully juicy plums, too. Do the Italians still call a brunette a mora?

Amanda- it is really great to have so much that grows year round... but the weeds do, too. My garden looks postively West Virginian on a regular basis (fortunately, choosing the right angle can hide alot of sins).