Friday, August 24, 2007

Expedia and I, Not Feeling The Love For Each Other

I’m not really feeling the love for Expedia right now. I booked a flight several months ago to Philadelphia, paying a little extra for 1) a direct flight (it's very hard to make a cross country trip with even the best behaved children and not hate them a little by the time the flight is over, even if they've been very, very good) and 2) a convenient departure time (it's hard enough to fly with kids. Do you really want to be at the airport at 4:30am. Really?).

I'm still in Seattle, because Expedia rather nicely sent me a confirmation email on Monday for a flight had been cancelled by the airline a couple of weeks ago, and is no longer part of their schedule. I checked my email (and Expedia itinerary) again before I left this morning, and all looked fine (and yes, on my next flight I will be considerably more anal about confirming the flight). So the kids and I arrived at the airport, ready to fly... and discovered that we could either come back tomorrow, or be re-booked with about 7 connections, blabla NIGHTMARE blablabla blabla. I finally allowed that I would prefer to fly tomorrow.

I got home, and guess what? There’s an email for me. From Expedia. Saying I need to call them, urgently, because of an itinerary change. Really? An itinerary change? Did a flight change or something? I HAD NO I-DEAR. Oh, wait, I forgot because I nearly had a brain-erasing embolism when I discovered the email after I got home from my failed attempt at departure. Which hadn't been sent until after I was at the airport, trying to check in. For a flight that no longer existed. The email told me to contact customer service. Who said that I needed to be on a flight which had left more than three hours earlier. Thanks for the heads-up, guys. No, really.

I've included a couple of pictures of the Smith Tower, because it's a neat building, and today was a beautiful day... and I spent most of the lovely day inside (and not inside the airplane I was planning to be on, in the last portion of my flight), with people who were being paid to assist me but were doing their very best to avoid the hell out of me. I spent more than four hours on the phone. Most of it was on hold.

I kind of wish that I could sic my crazy neighbor on Expedia. She would go to their call center, smear excrement on the car handles of all the cars in the parking lot, call them all no good whores and crumb-bums (with nothing to eat!) and generally make their day as fun as they made mine. Except... she's sort of unavailable right now (she signed papers committing herself for the next two weeks). At least I won't come home to find excrement on my front window. Again.

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