Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Home-made Ice Cream Sandwiches

I eat too much. I think I’m going to get gout. Or apoplexy. Or something that fat, port-swilling guys in the nineteenth century got from popping their tuxedo shirt buttons with their gigantor guts.

However, of home-made ice cream sandwiches, I have to say, if you’re going to get apoplexy or some sort of over-eating condition: what a way to go. After considerable debate (okay, the debate was pretty much me, waffling), the kids and I settled on the chocolate wafer recipe from the beloved Mr. Lebovitz instead of the one from the Fran’s cookbook. Some tinkering needs to be done (much too crispy, even though I shortened the cooking time, but we also didn’t freeze them with the ice cream, as instructed), but… oh, my. Filled with Mr. Lebovitz’s own vanilla and chocolate ice cream from Fran’s. Wow. We have two nephews in town, and there has been not a single silent moment with all the children together, until that evening, when I sent them out onto the deck with dessert, and suddenly, all chatter ceased. Completely. I walked out and there were four children diligently eating ice cream sandwiches (and looking as if it had been an epic battle between their faces and the ice cream sandwiches). And really, since they helped make every part of that dessert, there was no reason for them not to really, really enjoy it.

When we all made coffeecake together, as delicious as it was, there was not silence. Still, it’s hard to argue with fresh baked blueberry coffee cake (made from the recipe in Tom Douglas's Seattle Kitchen).

But as delicious as it all has been, I just sort of want to have a couple of spoonfuls of tabbouleh and some water for dinner, very soon.

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