Friday, October 26, 2007

Less Than 5 Months

The kids' passports arrived in the mail. I realized that it's less than (barely) 5 months until we're in Rome, deciding where we'll get gelato from that day, and looking for Roman drinking fountains so the kids can practice their technique. We're pretty much on the ruins, fountains and gelato plan for seeing Rome (it's not a bad plan, at any age), with a few exceptions for church art and architecture. Kids dig the crazy encrusted over-decorated-ness of Baroque, and there's certainly plenty of that in Rome. And even if they don't find the Church Du Jour interesting, they're smart enough to do the math: being quiet and patient so Mom can check out a church (and probably natter at them about Why It's Important) will possibly get them two scoops instead of one.


claudia said...

thanks for finding me so that i could find you. i think that if we lived closer we might be friends in real life. your blog feels elegant to me. i like the vibe.

Meg said...

Thanks- I admire your resolve to try and cook down your pantry overstock. I mostly pretend the extras in my pantry aren't there, in the way that someone (crazy) might clap their hands over their ears and say "Lala lala! I can't hear you!" Sadly, that technique hasn't done much to reduce my stock of marinades, jams, lentils and impulse-buy preserved vegetables.

claudia said...

yes, that and more... i'm like dean & deluca over here. crazy money. i'm determined.

not cooking again until monday night though... things will have to wait.

have a great weekend.