Friday, October 5, 2007

The Magical Healing Powers of Fudge Ripple Ice Cream

Curly had a friend come home with her after school. I was trailing after them as they ran full speed ahead, chattering as they ran, when Curly's buddy wiped out. Hard. Curly and I walked the rest of the way home, with me carrying Curly's extremely unhappy buddy. The nasty scrape was cleaned and band-aided (and it was on her elbow, so you just know she whanged her funny-bone, to boot). Curly's buddy was still leaking tears and doing her best to be brave. I decided that it was time to apply fudge ripple ice cream.

And voila!, pain from the scrape ceased, and discussion of the ice cream commenced.
I included the picture of the rainbow because I already included a picture of the fudge ripple ice cream. And for all I've complained about the weather, there have been numerous points in which the dark blanket of torn clouds has been inarguably beautiful. Also: crying and pain. Fudge ripple ice cream. Cue the choir, the rainbow, dancing unicorns and happy children. All is well.


TravelGretta said...

Gorgeous photo of the rainbow - that was a crazy weather day.

I am too afraid to keep reading your great blog, as it makes me want to run to the store for snacks.

Meg said...

Somehow driving rain doesn't seem so bad when there's a rainbow. You could always try cajeta the way I made it (which I'm pretty sure would be the wrong way), and then your jaw would be welded shut, preventing further snack intake.