Friday, October 5, 2007

Pessimism, Plague, Plum Cake & Ice Cream

I don’t usually think of myself as a pessimist. Sure, I love a good kvetch, and, in fact, can kvetch about almost anything. It’s one of my super-powers. But despite my fondness for kvetching, I’m actually pretty happy. So I thought it was a little strange that I was feeling really down. Not just snarky and cynical with a side of bitterness, which is, well, normal. I mean not even interested in desserts down. Which, if you just think about the percentage of blog posts without mention of some form of sweet or bakery, is really, really saying something.

It finally occurred to me (I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed) that I also felt horrible. I wasn’t just not interested in dessert; I didn’t want anything that required me to swallow. I went to the doctor, who confirmed that, yes, I had come down with something gnarly requiring antibiotics (I did get a more technical diagnosis than "gnarly" from her, as well as a withering look for letting it go for so long). Particularly in the winter, my health is… sub-par. My immune system appears to be comprised of one underachieving white blood cell (medically speaking, my immune system is fine. Just lazy.). The Loser White Blood Cell would rather sit on the proverbial couch and watch re-runs than don its super-hero cape and bravely fight off viruses and infections. Given the weather in Seattle, I can hardly blame it. My sister in Philadelphia has been much consoled about the drought there by talking to me. Snow in the passes here? Ha. They’re still grilling dinner outside there, but it’s getting pretty inconvenient having to drag the sprinkler around the yard due to lack of rain. Wearing puffy jackets here? So sad. She’s still wearing her fabulous sandals that she found while visiting me this summer. Weather contributing to downward spiral in health here? Plenty of vitamin D in the form of sunshine giving them a boost out there. Liking my sister right now? Well, no. But she already knew that when she was cackling at me.

I’d kind of like to do an over-under bet on how much time I’ll spend on antibiotics between October 1st and April 1st. The thing is 1) it would distress my mom (and my husband), who gets a look that would make anyone feel guilty (think baby harp seal with gigantic sad eyes about to be cruelly clubbed) when she hears I’ve been sick. Again. 2) if I keep a blogscore of days on antibiotics, she would know every time I’m on them. Again, maternal distress and the accompanying look of Doomed Baby Harp Seal would result. And 3) In fairness for the over-under estimates, I would probably have to disclose how many days I was on antibiotics last winter, and we're once again back to my mom, who reads my blog, making That Face.
On a brighter (and more interesting) note, I made fudge ripple ice cream. The blackberry swirl was such a hit that the kids started to stump for a chocolate swirl, which, I had to admit, sounded pretty good. So I made the fudge ripple and vanilla ice cream (well, that part I followed pretty loosely) from The Perfect Scoop, did the layering that improbably works out and creates the ripple, and, oh…. wuuv for David Lebovitz was felt all through the house.

Last weekend, we made the plum cake from Figs Olives Wine with some of the plums left on our tree. I think it would be better with tarter plums than we used, as ours, late in the season, get extremely sweet, but it was a really lovely cake, and the directions were clear enough that my kids could follow the recipe with fairly minimal supervision and assistance, which is a credit, I think, to the clarity of the writing. The kids happily had the leftovers as a morning cake the next day, and it seemed to still be wonderful (I can't really comment personally on that part, since by that morning, I didn't really want to eat).

The photos of baby harp seals are courtesy of The clubbed seal is copyrighted by HSUS/Brian Skerry, 2005 and the other is uncredited. And since is dedicated to stopping such things as the clubbing of cute marine mammals, let me say: it's tough not to agree with them. And also, thanks for the photos.


Philly Sis said...

Unfortunately, I am now sunburned as it has been sunny and in the mid-80s unrelentingly around here. It does look like it will cool into the 70s soon though....

Meg said...

Wow. A sunburn. I am trying hard to feel bad for you and... nope. Didn't work. I'll try again next month.

catalina said...
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