Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Get Well Soon, Sweetheart

I started blogging mostly to keep up with my mom and sisters (I didn't have a good Mother's Day present for my mom, and she'd been saying for a while how neat it would be if I started a blog.). In many ways, it's an easy way for them to get visuals and commentary of my life out here, while they're all east of the Mississippi.

I am going to use this post as a more literal letter, this time to one of my nephews. He knows who he is, and has, in the past, displayed a knack for things like riding his bicycle into a parked car (when there was nothing distracting him). I know, I know, Little Miss Scalded and Concussed Herself might not be in a super position to throw stones. Anyway, yesterday, my nephew, who is apparently starting to be a real challenger, eating-wise, to the Incredible Eating Nephew, managed to break both his radius and his ulna.

I love you, kid. I hope that all of this goes well (given that it's happened), and you heal up quickly. I sent your mom a care package with chocolate and macadamia nuts, (since she was the one who inadvertantly gave Curly the Nut O' Doom) because it's important to keep my hand in on the whole passive-aggressive gift-giving thing, even in times of worry. You understand, right? I know you wouldn't want me to skip sticking it to your mom just because she is gray with worry (I'll bet her color has recovered to a faint green by now, anyway). She squeaks so dramatically and gratifyingly when you really get her, and I am fairly sure that seeing her squeak indignantly (at someone else) would perk you up, at least a little bit. Naturally, I will be sending you a care package as soon as I know what you're up for (Curly and my boy already have some ideas). And I promise (mostly) that it will be just regular present-ish.

Also, dude, you are so wearing wristguards IF you come skating with us at Christmas. I am not sneaking you out to skate without your mom's permission. She hasn't had her rabies shots.


Anonymous said...

Large, hungry, and now broken, child is on the mend. He got some good guffaws (largely at my expense) from your love letter. I do occassionally wonder why I had children.... They make life awfully exciting far too often (with the emphasis on awful yesterday!) Ah well...luckily this too shall pass....

Meg said...

I'm glad to hear he's mending. I'm glad he laughed. Yesterday was not very good to him. Or you, for that matter.