Sunday, November 11, 2007

It's Potato Week on The Great Big Vegetable Challenge!

Culinary unity can be tough to find. But if there was ever a vegetable that my Irish-Mexican-WASP household could unite behind, it’s the potato. I’m not going to potayto-potahto you (okay, I just did. Sorry. I’m a little punchy from sleep deprivation), but The Little Tuber That Could is very popular around here. Our potato oeuvre is large and varied. But... Curly has gastric flu (confirmed by the doctor, because I was worried it might be yet another ear infection) and we have been firmly instructed by the doctor to stick to simpler foods than gratins, roasts, galettes, spanish tortillas with chorizo, salt cod hash, or tacos with chorizo and potato. This is one challenge that I’m up for; I could have marshaled my forces of Yukon Golds, fingerlings, Peruvian purples, and deployed them over the course of a week with unrelenting intensity but highly varied tactics. And I know, know I would have been victorious (I coulda been a contender!), which is really the best sort of fight. It’s The Best Week Ev-uhh (rhymes with leath-uhh) on The GBVC, and… we are sidelined by the illness of a key judge. I think I have to go with Elmer Fudd as Kurtz from Heart of Darkness (again) here: the hoh-wha, the hoh-wha!
You might point out that my midget judges are well versed in the ways of the potato, and really, it’s not a fair challenge (who wants a fair fight? Not me, thanks), since they are so absurdly well disposed towards potatoes. And that would be true, but, still: total bummer.
So tonight, since we’re following the B.R.A.T. diet (as I pointed out to Curly, this does not mean she is one – usually - but that she has to eat bland stuff like bananas, rice, apple and toast) until Curly manages to keep her temperature below 101, we’re going to have a baguette challenge. I set out this morning and rounded up baguettes from four different Seattle bakeries (represented: Bakery Nouveau, Le Panier, Le Fournil, and the Seattle grocery store staple, Grand Central Baking Company). There are strong indications of bias existing in the midget judging section (like chanting, “Bakery Nouveau! Bakery Nouveau!” before so much as a crumb has passed anyone’s lips), but it will be a fun way to follow the B.R.A.T. diet for Curly. The rest of us will accompany with Serrano, cheese, olives and maybe even a salad (okay, my husband and I will have salad, and my boy will have a piece of salad). I’d say marcona almonds, because I do love them, but they’re banished from my house (except for in my not so secret chocolate stash, which I have explained carefully to Curly is heavily mined with nuts, and therefore really, really not for her).


claudia said...

sounds like familial bliss to me!

Meg said...

It was a nice way to let her recover and still all be together for a meal.