Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Officially NOT Hungry

Head lice and elementary schools seem to be a classic, beans and rice sort of pairing (except in this pairing, the thing that looks like rice... moves). It goes through a classroom in virtually every school about once a year. So far, it hasn’t been one of our classrooms. That ended today.

The hilariously badly-timed case was reported this morning. Thankfully, my boy’s not the case, but… 2nd graders spend a lot of time with their heads close together. So we’ll see how long we keep the little parasites away. Just hearing the news made 1) my head start to itch, and 2) my appetite fall off. It reminded me of my father talking about a new officer on a navy ship being thrilled with the “sesame seeds” on the rolls. Uh, no, you lubber. Those crunchy things? Weevils.

I ran into another parent on my way out of school (I was in the classroom today to lend a hand with reading, and the kids love getting as close as they possibly can— at 8, they’re not very into the idea of personal space) and her child had played with the kid who turned up with lice. For three hours. Yesterday. And they spent most of it drawing on the same piece of paper. And now? My friend has a cross-country flight to take tomorrow. To go visit family. And the people they’re staying with? Have a five month old baby. It just gets better and better. At least we just need to call my in-laws, let them know, and make contingency plans in case, on Thanksgiving, they would like to be thankful for not having head lice.

Mmmmm. Tastes like… poppy seeds!

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