Monday, December 10, 2007

And This Little Piggy... Isn't Done

I don't have any food pictures, again. I have been cooking (some), but we're busy with the same holiday stuff as everyone else. What I do have is a picture of the two Marimekko rip-off (I mean... inspired) piggy banks that I've decorated for my triplet nieces. Two down, one to go. In purple, because I'm doing them in their favorite colors. It seemed like a good idea until I realized that it was a massive pain. But I didn't really twig to the hassle until it was too late to abandon ship... which is the way things often go for me.Anyway, things have both been good, and they've been veins-popping-out-in-my-forehead trying. The holidays have that touch of manic-depression to them, for me at least.
On the upside (and pleasepleaseplease, knock on wood about 75 times for me), this is the first time since, oh, about 2000, that I haven't spent the period between Thanksgiving and Christmas horribly, horribly sick, taking antibiotics and trying to remember what it feels like to not to be physically miserable all the time. In fact (more knocking on wood, please), I didn't spend a day on antibiotics in November, again, for the first time in many years. It's really nice. And by nice, I mean it's fantastic. It's so much easier to enjoy stuff when you're not ill. Like breathing, for instance. Breathing is fun!

On the downside... meh. I've got about the same downside as everyone else. It's a tiring time of year. And I am starting to really, really resent holiday sweaters and baby quiches. There are only so many times you can say "no" to something being passed (by the host or hostess) before you start to look like you either 1) have some overly neurotic food issues or 2) are being a snotty grump, and either way you're being rude to the people who went to the trouble of putting the thing together. So I take some, and eat them, and think about the fact that I've just ingested the equivalent of a half stick of butter without any of the pleasure that one should get from a tiny piece of food with half a stick of butter in it. Because it is very rare that those suckers taste very good. My resentment of the holiday sweater... well, does that really need explaining? They are incomprehensible to me. They're riddles wrapped in enigmas wrapped in something really fugly.

I am ready for what I got last night, which was a quiet candle dinner at home, just the four of us. Except... I was so tired I wanted to put my head down on the table. So maybe tonight, we'll give it another go.


cook eat FRET said...

i hear ya on the quiche mini's. i hear ya on the sweaters loud and clear... WTF? and i love the piggy banks.

glad you're not sick
sick sucks

happy hanumas - in case no one else wished you that

Meg said...

I think I would get the sweaters more (or at least it would be more fun because it wouldn't be rude to laugh) if the parties in question were also contests in which the most blinged-out holiday Granny sweater won. Alas, no.
And Merry Christmukkah to you.