Saturday, December 15, 2007

Blog Recipe Filching: 101 Cookbooks

I am trying to find a reason to have the 300 (or as the kids say: the gamanza… apparently a cross between gazillion and bonanza) minute eggs on cook eat fret. But eggs that aren’t scrambled, in spaghetti alla carbonara or in a Spanish tortilla can be a tough sell in my house. I don't know why. Although Curly will eat a plain hard boiled egg like an apple.
Bear with me. I’m having more trouble staying on topic than usual; my brain is all fuzzed out. Those little pigs required a fair amount of concentration, and gave me a serious bacon craving. Or Serrano. Or other pork products. Mmmm. I want to make their piggy brethren suffer. Also making my brain fuzzy- our antibiotic-free streak was broken. All at once, by both the kids and myself. The kids and I are apparently the three musketeers of antibiotics (if it had been up to me, I would have picked something a little more fun to be the three musketeers of). My husband very rarely gets any of our stuff, lucky him. My doctor looked at the kids, and then at me, and I noted that we’d done so well, and we’d gone through our first November ever without any one of the three of us on antibiotics. She raised an eyebrow, looked from Curly to me and said “I bet you said that out loud.”

Anyway, you may have noticed from the header that we have embarked on more blog recipe filching. I thought we were going to make apple quince galette or pie from The Pie Lady, but feeling lousy has made me more susceptible to the machinations of my blog police.

And my blog police are on a madeleine bender. We’ve made Tartelette’s recipe for chocolate madeleines a couple of times now, with regular requests to do them again. And again.

This time they wanted to try vanilla madeleines, so I googled away, and voila! we had many, many recipes available to us. I noticed that 101 Cookbooks popped up, and it’s a site I really enjoy, so we went with that.

I am not much of a baker. It’s not that I don’t bake at all, but… it makes me anxious (although not as anxious as pickling and preserving do, since there is not the looming spectre of botulism if I mess up). And the recipe on 101 Cookbooks made me a little nervous, because it involved no baking powder whatsoever, instead relying on eggs to do the leavening. And I am very good at unintentionally misinterpreting leavening (at least with eggs) as leadening. But… the recipe was heartily endorsed, so we went for it. My boy is big enough to read recipes, which helps, and the kids did quite a bit of the work (except for the browning the butter part, with Curly's knack for burning herself). It’s a good test for a recipe, I think, to see if it’s simple enough for children to follow and still come out well.

And the results were: great. Try them. Those little cakes are a lovely afternoon treat with some hot cocoa (or tea), particularly on a damp, dark December day. And 101 Cookbooks is a well-done blog, worth checking in on regularly.

My boy said that maybe next time he would use a little less lemon zest, because he felt it competed with the vanilla too much. When I asked if that meant he would rather not have a madeleine packed in his lunch, he said oh nonononono, he wanted one. He was just making tasting notes for next time.


cook eat FRET said...

in retrospect - the 300 minute egg is more a science project than anything. i kinda love that shit... the eggs taste slightlt roasted but it ain't no big thang.

but - heidi of 101... now that woman right there... she is THE greatest. i just love her blog, her food, her attitude. i wanta meet her one day. i think she has a lot of grace... her book is pretty cool too. and those photo's!

cook eat FRET said...

love love love the pigs
you are an impressive woman - no doubt...

Meg said...

101 Cookbooks IS great, isn't it? I plan on taking the kids to the biscottificio she went to when we go to Rome (although Curly may not be able to have any, since so many biscotti have nuts). Her website is upbeat without being cloying, sensible without being dull, etc., etc.

Thanks on the pigs- I bit off a little more than I'd meant to (which happens when you decide to make something for triplets).

I just think it would be fascinating to do the 300 minute eggs. And maybe have them with plain boiled ones, just to compare.