Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dinner Alone: pizza rolls.

Hey, it happens.

My husband had to work late, my boy has been run down and in need of both extra care and extra supervision (being sick does not bring out an adorable Tiny Tim-esque generosity and sweetness in anyone related to me). So... I looked in my freezer, where there happened to be a box lurking, full of chemicals that shouldn't be eaten. And it sounded so, so, so good.I'm not ashamed.

Okay. I'm a little ashamed.


cook eat FRET said...

be a little ashamed. by all means. just don't let it cross over into pure shame. ok? ok!

Meg said...

I am blessed (or cursed, who knows) with a rather under-developed sense of remorse (thanks, Dad!). So... only a little ashamed.

On a different note, I am looking for a way to try the gazillion minute eggs you posted about recently (and persuade the kids that they want them, too). Maybe I'll head to the Pike Place Market to buy some local, organic eggs. In terms of making up for the pizza rolls, it'll be like buying carbon offsets for the car (which, erm... I don't do as of now).

chris said...

Haha. I have a worse white trash secret: Chef Boyardee box pizzas, the cheese kind. But only when I'm alone. Which NEVER happens.

I'm so ashamed.

Meg said...

Anything Chef Boyardee wins in the food shame category. When I was pregnant with the kids (both pregnancies), I used to crave Chef Boyardee ravioli. It was inexplicable to me (I used to live in Italy, so WTF w/ Chef Boyardee?); without some kid giving me morning sickness, I loathe it.

Obviously, I can't judge.

Philly Sis said...

If it weren't for truly unnatural "food" products in my freezer my large boys would starve. There are too many times with competing practices/games/absolutely-have-to-be-there evenings to get to actually cook all the time. And I am WAY too lazy to do the whole plan ahead thing. Besides, that requires brain cells, and the afore mentioned large boys have managed to kill most of mine.