Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Ciao, Baby

3 months, and the task of ranking Roman gelaterie can begin in earnest. Curly has grown proficient enough at controlling a cone that I think it’s unlikely we’ll repeat the spectacle of her (all bella figura-ed up like a proper little Italian girl) being so brutally attacked by her gelato cone that tourists stopped to film her. I might have to buy her a double scoop one day, just to be sure.

The fountain is in p. Mattei, and is one of my favorites.


Your Husband said...

It's pretty sweet the way they're doing reverse layups with the turtles into the bowl there.

I tell you this because I want you to see how I view great works of art.

Meg said...

8 points, you, you... philistine.

I have to admit, when I see The Calling of St. Matthew in S. Luigi dei Francesi, I always think "Yo. Matthew. Yeah, you." as Jesus's portion of the dialogue. So clearly we're made for each other.