Monday, January 28, 2008

Paint Jobs and Vios

So, the great thing about being handy with a paintbrush is that I’ve never even considered hiring painters to do work inside of our house. And for a few bucks of latex paint (and some white chalk), I can pretty easily produce things like this. The picture immediately below is of the switchplate I bought on impulse to put there. It was better than the old plastic beige one that was there, but I'm not sure it works. I wanted a pattern contrast, but... I'm not sure I chose wisely, Obi-Wan. Even if it still is better than the putty colored plastic.The unfortunate thing about being handy with a paintbrush is that we never consider hiring painters to do work in our house. I get the plain wall color done pretty rapidly, but… the decorative work gets done in tiny stages, and although the total amount of time is not enormous, it always seems to get prioritized after things like taking care of the kids, or doing the dishes. Or, uh, watching Project Runway (I get that you're only as good as your last piece of clothing on that show, and that Victorya's "trench" was weak but Jillian put out a bizarre funnel neck... thing, and... I don't know. I think the wrong person was auf'd).

Our hall (and, okay, the living room. And the kitchen. And the bathroom) needs repainting. Not this part, which I’ve posted a photo of above. But the rest of it has had years of jammy, buttery little hands touching it as they bounce down the hall, and scrubbing only keeps that from showing for so long. I’ve had in mind a decorative scheme for a while. It might not work, because the Italianate bit pictured below is already on one of the walls, but I love slightly abstracted shadow botanical prints, and I think if done on the upper part of the wall, in the same terra verde and olive colors, it could work. But I’m not sure. And since I mostly want it along the top of the wall, it would mean a great deal of time on a stepladder. I hate the stepladder parts, with an aching neck, balancing a cup of paint and a couple of different brushes and the kids coming by with critiques and suggestions. The picture, I know, is not great. The decorative work is in a little corner, which is hard to wedge into for a photo. It also doesn't get much natural light. It could also be that I'm just not that handy with a camera.

On a totally different note, I don’t know how it is that I haven’t mentioned Vios until now. I don’t know, really, why I don’t go there more often. Actually I do, and it's simply that I rarely eat lunch out. Their sandwiches (particularly any involving pita), while simple, are addictively good, whether eaten in or taken out (although plentiful napkins are advised if you take out). Baguette Box is great (a chorizo sandwich and truffle fries are very, very hard to beat), but Vios, although their lunch menu is a little shorter, may well be even better for lunch. If you're nearby (as in, within a 10-mile radius), it's worth a detour.

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