Tuesday, February 12, 2008

February May Be My Achilles Heel

Campout? Cancelled. Due to Extreme! Avalanche! Danger! If anything, I am downplaying the breathless coverage the media gave... snow. I admit, the sheer quantity (somewhere north of 10' in the last two weeks, enough that several ski resorts had to close because of too much snow.) is quite impressive. My boy, however, was crushed. Apparently the charms of being wet, cold and covered in snow, are, to him, irresistible. The picture (with my thanks to WSDOT's flickr pictures) is of US 2, the highway they would have taken to go camp in an avalanche danger zone. You might notice that the single plowed lane of the road ends a little... abruptly. Every major pass was closed, many due to "slides" (like the above) and bigger avalanches. My boy understood, intellectually, that to fight up through an area of avalanche danger so that they could then camp in it didn't make any sense. But he was so disappointed. When we got home from school Friday, he folded his gangly self into my lap, tucked his head under my chin and wept.
Husband? Partially broken (indoor soccer). Surgery to fix him (not that way) is currently scheduled for Friday. In the meantime, he is hopping about and I am fighting the temptation, when he needs Vicodin, to tell him to open his mouth and see if I can throw it in, instead of dutifully bringing it to him. Taking him to the ER brings me up to hanging out in 3 different ERs in a month. I like to travel, but, more to pleasant places, with eavesdropping that is more... fun. I don't want to unintentionally hear about a stranger's rectal exams, swabs and gonorrhea. Yesch.
Me? I'm just fine, except for the blown head gasket. Times like these that make me glad for screw-top bottles of wine. I know there's some debate about using them, with topics ranging from aesthetics and tradition to how it might affect the quality of the wine. But I'm so, so, so glad right now that there are some. There is no worry about breaking the cork, or paying attention. Unscrew, apply bottle to mouth (or for the manners obsessed, a glass could be used), and… aaaaah. Do a little hula to the Hawaiian Airlines hold music as I try to reschedule our flight (so we don’t leave Gimpy in the lurch) and re-apply wine as necessary until happier feelings are relocated.

My streak of not being called a whore was broken (although not by my crazy neighbor, at least not that I could hear). It involved a Spanish language telemarketer being frustrated by the fact that it seems like I speak Spanish... but I really don't. It's hard to explain, but the discussion ended in me being called a whore-issima, in Spanish. I’m hoping that’s the third bad thing, if bad things do, indeed, insist on coming in threes (that seems a little OCD to me, but it doesn’t seem unreasonable to assume that karma has OCD. It takes a certain obsessive-compulsive nature to try to balance things out like that, doesn’t it? Although… even thinking that will probably bring me more bad karma).

Right. Must re-apply wine.


cook eat FRET said...

so that was fun. like, for me...

i'm in nyc and it snowed here but just a bit. enough to make it messy and slippery but this will be gone tomorrow. i don't miss snow, but a little bit sure is pretty. a lot is debilatating for me, especially - mobility wise. nashville gets hit hard every once in awhile. and everything stops.

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Meg said...

Claudia- It's funny, for all the snow that the mountains get, Seattle is completely paralyzed when we get an inch. NYC sounds like a pretty fantastic place to be. What are you going to eat?

Thanks for the online hug. I'm torn between feeling bad for him (he has to have surgery, ow) and, well, um, bad for me.