Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Whew. Woooo! Gah.

It was a busy weekend, with the Super Bowl actually turning out to be interesting, hockey for the kids (which I’m out on the ice as a coach for), hockey for me (so. much. fun.) the Mario’s Super Bowl sale (wow.), a couple of new recipes, some old classics that made me think about how comforting and invigorating staple recipes can be… but I have a nasty virus making me want to shiver down under a pillowy comforter that doesn’t make me too hot. I long for something warming until I have it, at which point I become clammily hot, take a drink of something cool and begin to shiver. I tried to carry on conversations yesterday and could remember almost nothing from the previous 15 seconds; I could practically feel the virus shorting out my brain. It’s great. Really. Don’t try it at home.
I do have a picture of the delicious spaghetti alla carbonara my husband made Sunday night, to the great delight of all. It's a staple dish in our house, one that we go back to again and again, with good reason. And it works with almost any kind of cured pork: guanciale, pancetta, slab bacon (which is what my husband had to work with on Sunday), bacon from a plastic package... it will all produce a very good carbonara. I think making sure you have both romano and parmesan is more important than The Perfect Pork Product. But I don’t have much else today.


cook eat FRET said...

dear carbonara

i love you. truly. like so very much. but i rarely if ever make you because you cause death and even worse, fat...

so carbonara, really i think i love/hate you. but in a parallel universe i'd eat you at least once a week.


Meg said...

I think I have to simply say "ditto" on your letter to carbonara. It's an artery stiffening, pant seam straining bowl of delicious goodness.