Saturday, March 15, 2008

The Benefits of Yardwork

You would think that I would say a task well done is satisfying unto itself (well, you might think that if you've never read my blog). Or that results make me pleased. And yet, no. Not always, especially when it comes to the back-breaking work of spring clean in the yard and digging up the malicious blackberry suckers that sneak their way into the yard (and the brambles always seem to find the weak point in the garden gloves, no matter how thick the gloves are).

No, one of my favorite benefits of yardwork would be... my boots. Even I have to admit, I am a ridiculous person for buying Pucci rain boots (several years ago. So, they've, um, amortized? Or something.). But if I am out digging in the mud like the cheap labor I am, it's nice to be able to look at my toes (after I kick some of the mud off) and be happy about my pretty boots. And dry feet, because although it is not actively raining rightthissecond, everything here is sodden.


cook eat FRET said...

only a whore would wear boots like that... (sorry, i couldn't resist - i was channeling again - this time your neighbor)

i meant to say "totally cool boots!"

Barbara said...

Thanks for dropping by my site. I love those boots. Great blog name you have.

bleeding espresso said...

Hey the little things that make us smile...that's what it's all about.

Love the boots!

Meg said...

Claudia- ah, being called a whore (especially a no-good one. with nothing to eat). It brings back, well, maybe not GOOD memories, but certainly PLENTY of memories. Thanks on the boots.

Barbara- I loved that you made such a simple (well... "simple"), beautiful breakfast just thinking of a place. Thanks; I adore the boots.

Sognatrice- well, I do have Curly and my boy to keep me smiling, but pretty (and practical) shoes are nice, too. Thanks.

homebody at heart said...

No, no no. I think cook eat fret must have had a channel short. She probably heard, "only a hoe would wear boots like that". Don't ya think!

P.S. I love them, too.

Meg said...

Homebody- Given my (not currently in residence) neighbor's preference of names for me, Claudia hit the nail on the head. However, on your comment, that is a terrible, terrible pun. I like it.