Thursday, March 20, 2008

Frites on Cook Eat Fret & Tiny Fried Potatoes

It is deeply unlikely that I will ever make duck fat frites. It is unlikely that I will make any sort of frites at home. First, there is the deep fat frying, which combines me with not a little boiling hot oil, as fritto misto did, but me with A LOT of boiling hot oil.

And second, I do love duck fat frites, but in Seattle, those can be eaten at Campagne, where they are part of the bar menu (as well as a side on the regular menu). You can, however, ogle duck fat frites on Cook, Eat, Fret, and even follow her instructions and make your own. Consider whether or not you want to parboil your potatoes with care, pat them down, refrigerate them and then flirt with the dangers of a pot full of boiling hot oil*. It is (I think) inarguable that Claudia’s frites look fantastic. If I hadn’t already used my hot oil good luck by not getting (very) burned when I made fritto misto, I might consider chancing it and making them, because Curly and my boy would probably throw me my very own ticker tape parade for making frites (they still ask why Frites, the tiny restaurant in Seattle, closed). However, me being me, and having used my not-burned-this-time-karma for the year, I would rather splurge on the duck fat fries at Campagne than go to the pharmacy to buy burn treatments. Again.

I do have an alternative potato dish. It does not involve duck fat (you could probably try it with duck fat, though). It also does not involve deep frying. It is my family’s favorite way of potato prep (well, it’s a little disputed, but waaay up there): tiny fried potatoes. I've meant to share this recipe for a while, but I almost never get around to photographing it, because really, if you're taking pictures, you're missing out on eating them.
*Read the comments. I had assumed that it was a large amount of fat required to do this; apparently, only about a cup is necessary. I may get my own ticker tape parade after all.


cook eat FRET said...

ok so
i used a wok
and only maybe a cup of fat
fried them in little batches
fished em out with one of those oriental dumpling strainer thingee's that you'd see in chinatown

not so bad - really...

Meg said...

Actually, put that way, the possibility of bodily harm/grease burns (and those suckers hurt) seems to go down substantially.