Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Hard Round Things: Pizza and Hockey Pucks

Fortunately, my home-made pizza has a more pleasing mouth-feel than a hockey puck, but I have two unrelated things to post about, and both involve something round...ish.

There seems to be a pizza virus floating around food blogs. I made some last week, and then read about more on Gourmet or Gourmand, and Lobstersquad, and… someone else’s. I wish I could remember the last one, but I can’t. I tried Claudia Roden’s recipe for little meat pizzas, which was… nice. I suspect the recipe is sensational and that the good-but-not-great reaction had more to do with the maker than the writer. I made the pizzas medium size; snack sized, she called them. As it happened, they were just the right size for the kids to have as dinner, with a couple of other things. But… and I don’t know why I didn’t do this (well, I do, and it might be spelled L-A-Z-Y), the smaller, bite size version would have been better. I think it would have both provided just the right balance of savor and bread, and would also have played to children’s (and, okay, my) love of mini food. I love mini food. It’s cheesy, but… irresistible. I also made what amounts to a pizza puttanesca on the same dough (which as a dough, using yogurt, worked fine, but maybe not as good as an olive oil-salt-flour dough), because I love puttanesca sauce almost any which way, over pasta, or, this way, deconstructed and baked onto a pizza.

Why do I insist on trying to relate pizzas and hockey? Well, although it’s news that is really most interesting to my family, my niece, who is an ice hockey goalie, took home the Illinois state championship for her high school team. And it was her that took that home for her team (no, I wasn't at the game, but quite honestly, the stats tell enough of a story and I have a bias). Sure, her teammates put the goals up necessary for victory, but she stopped 42 shots on net. She let in 3, but seriously, if you play or watch hockey, you will know that 45 shots on net is a whole lotta shots on net. Enough, actually, that I wonder if her defense was having a leisurely hot cocoa over by the bench while the other team shot, and shot, and shot. I’m sure they did their best, actually (the other team apparently had many quite good players and one incredible one), but when your goalie stops 42 shots and you win? You won because your goalie rocks.


Cote de Texas said...

ok, I am seriously hungry right now! thanks!

And thanks for the comment.

btw - what Jewish community did you grow up in?
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Meg said...

Joni- I really, really like the pizza puttanesca. That, a green salad and a glass of wine is a pretty lovely little supper.