Thursday, April 10, 2008

Blog Recipe Filching: Cook Eat Fret

I have to admit, I am not usually a fan of banana breads. And yet, banana and chocolate bread? I can see my way to liking that. In fact, I do like that. Very much. As comfort food, it is particularly scrumptiously soothing after a couple of days that involved having my car crashed into, learning that my husband is having another surgery (it is, at least, very minor, but… yuck), and having a high maintenance person (and that's me casting that particular stone) act, well, high maintenance.

Yesterday morning, little suspecting the day I would have, I took a gander at our deeply spotted bananas, and decided that it was high time to make Claudia’s (of Cook Eat Fret) chocolate chip banana bread (which, indeed, is the best banana bread ev-uh, times infinity). Curly, as it happens, adores banana breads. But since most banana breads involve nuts of some sort, they have been verboten to her. And without nuts? They taste…. like there’s a key ingredient missing. When I am successful with a recipe, I will tinker with it to get it just so. But when it doesn’t work (particularly if it involves baking)? I lack the patience to futz around and sort out how to (sorry, not trying to imitate the wonderful Tim Gunn) make it work. So after skipping nuts in banana bread and finding it was... meh, I stopped bothering to make it.

However, a while back, I noticed a post by Claudia, who writes the terrific Cook Eat Fret. At the time, I was in the throes of getting ready to leave for Rome, but the use of chocolate chips caught my attention. As I mentioned, I finally made it yesterday morning. And yesterday afternoon, after my wee car crash, I came home and, er, ate a third of the loaf. As if I’d been raised by wolves. It was a little embarrassing. Imagine a cartoon of Homer Simpson stress-eating over the sink, crumbs flying willy nilly, snorting sounds and all. Give him dark, wavy hair, and presto! you have an image of what I probably looked like. However, yesterday afternoon (for the kids’ snack) and again this morning (for their breakfast), the bread was sliced up and served and the stub that is now left is much more presentable (if much smaller) than the tattered remains of yesterday.

I highly recommend this bread. The use of some whole wheat flour gives a nice, nutty roundness to the overall flavor. The chocolate fills the role of contrasting to the banana flavor beautifully, and, in fact, far better than nuts do. And the handiness of a single bowl is not to be overestimated. So when you have spotty bananas, give it a go. Just skip the part of being involved in a car crash and learning about surgeries, however minor, for your loved ones.


Magua said...

Hilarious description. Of course you can always blame it on a pack of wild baboons.


RecipeGirl said...

Sounds great to me... without the nuts. We're not so much a nut family.

Just discovered your blog- you have a fun writing style. I'll be back :)

cook eat FRET said...

i hate it that your post on this was better than my post on MY banana bread...

Meg said...

Mogs- I did consider blaming it on you (and your black hearted ways) and the midget baboons. But with karma looking over my shoulder, I thought maybe honesty was the best policy, especially as my breath still smelled suspiciously banana-y. D'oh.

recipegirl- it's really, really good. I would never have thought of using chocolate chips, or putting some, but not all whole wheat flour. It's really tricky finding something that substitutes for nuts in a satisfying way, isn't it?

Claudia- hee. You came up with the goods, I just reported on them. I never would have tinkered with a recipe that way to get it so, so, so good. And when a banana bread agnostic wolfs down a third of a loaf, Homer Simpson-style, it's good stuff.