Sunday, April 6, 2008

Rome, a quick sampler

We're back, but still foggy-headed and incoherent with jet lag (not surprising with a 9 hour time change). Today what I have for you are a couple of visual comparisons, and Bernini's triton fountain in piazza Barberini, looking in a picture rather serene, which it is (despite the lowered spray), but the berserk traffic swirl that is piazza Barberini, with its squadrons of buzzing motorini, trundling trucks spewing exhaust, honking cars and the crush of pedestrians, is perhaps less serene.

Solid chocolate ones from Confetteria Moriondo e Gariglio (the name of which, I admit, I didn't know until I read an entry in David Lebovitz's blog and realized he was talking about my favorite Roman chocolatier, which, okay, made me feel super-smug and know-it-all-ish), on via di Pie di Marmo 21-22. They have non-solid chocolate stuff, but given Curly and nuts, we stuck with solid chocolate items. And were very happy. The other image is one of the turtles from the Fontana delle Tartarughe in piazza Mattei.

Winged Heads as Architectural Decoration

The first is from S. Cecilia's courtyard, a sweet(ish, the putto looks a little peevish to me) little putto bust. The second is from S. Maria dell'Orazione e Morte. Cheery, I know.


Egg and dart, and almost egg and dart. The second is from S. Ivo's cornice; the other is just one of a gazillion egg and dart motifs around town.

I'll put my head back together over the next few days, as there is much to talk about. The gelato ranking process was taken very seriously by the children, and is, unto itself, a looong post. I did not, sadly, take any pictures of the skinned baby goat heads (some split, to show how fresh the brains were, in case any foodie zombies craving some fresh-fried brains happened by) at the butcher's the day before Easter, because it wasn't really possible in the melee, and partly because I had only just arrived in Rome and was reeling with sleep deprivation and exhiliration. More on all that later.


cook eat FRET said...

welcome home! it's just not been the same without you...........

Michelle said...

Welcome back!

Meg said...

It's great to be back... mostly. We had such a great time that we're all sort of going into withdrawal from things Roman.