Thursday, May 15, 2008

And An Even Better Antidote for Being Grumpy

Hanging out in a home-made teepee with Curly on a sunny afternoon.

Some bamboo stakes, kitchen twine and an old sheet, and we had ourselves a front lawn fort. Too bad I haven't (yet) taught the kids how to uncork a bottle of wine or make margaritas or I'd be camped out in that thing until bedtime. As it is, though, it's a pretty delicious way to pass the time with my bunnies.

4 comments: said...

ha ha! the margaritas would be a nice touch though.

homebody at heart said...

Yes, and with one of those misters or a water slide. Yesterday, the weather turned here to the high 90's (with the everpresent wind!) and today it is in triple digits. I think it's going your way! (Whoever doesn't believe in global warming now! It was 96 in SF, which is unbelievable to me since I grew up there and I don't recall ever being hot as a kid)

cook eat FRET said...

lovely... you mommy you.

Meg said...

Joe- it may not be the most maternal thought ever (does it make it less un-maternal that I had it as I enjoyed Curly snuggled into my lap?), but I got into that and thought that the only thing that would make being in the teepee a nicer way to while away the afternoon would be a margarita.

Homebody- we're some wilt-y heat weenies up in Seattle (although almost nobody has air conditioning), but... crikey. That was hot. Ice cream as a significant portion of dinner and take a cold shower before bed sort of weather.

Claudia- it was very mommy-ish, but an incredibly pleasurable way.