Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hood River, Oregon

Wow. I'd been through The Dalles before, which is about 20 miles up the road, and just enough farther along the startling rapid climate change from maritime to high desert that it is dusty and hot and... not as pleasant.
However, you wouldn't want to visit somewhere with sensational local produce, terrific windsurfing, bicycling, hiking and a charming town center. You want to find somewhere more off the beaten path, and leave Hood River to losers like me, who want more than one choice for their morning latte. Really.

The above and below pictures are from the drive back to Seattle, when we'd crossed definitively back into the cloudy, temperate climate. Hood River manages to bask in the sunshine that the high desert gets, while still having such niceties as trees. Sometimes a little windblown when they're out by themselves instead of grouped together protectively, but still. Enough water for trees.


chris said...

Pacific Northwest envy. I have it bad. I'm going to go cry in a corner now.

Meg said...

It's gorgeous. I'm looking forward to wandering around the region with the kids. And summer out here is fantastic (usually, anyway).

However... I miss fireflies. Not so much the swarms of bloodsucking mosquitoes that are often out at the same time, but fireflies on a soft June evening are pretty dazzling. Also, you won't envy those of us in the PNW so much come December, when the light during our brief "day" is thick and soupy, and even that goes away by 4pm.