Friday, May 23, 2008

Tiredness, Travel and Tiramisu

I’ve been hanging out with elementary school kids too much. Alliteration is too appealing right now; I can’t seem to stop.

End of school year craziness snuck up on us, somehow. I had to run an errand with my mom yesterday, and realized that I could still fit in a long run if I simply ran home from the errand. I think that’s a good gauge of being busy: if you think to yourself “I can fit in a workout if I run home from an errand location that is 5 miles away,” your schedule is probably densely packed. However, this weekend we’re chucking the crazy schedule and heading down to Oregon (Hood River) to visit a friend of mine, who moved there years and years ago, and… who I haven’t been to see once. She’s fantastic, her husband is great, they live in an incredible location and the number of times we’ve gone there? Zero. So it’s high time. And I'm really excited. I'm excited to see my friend, and get a picture in my head of where she lives, and also to go noodling around the region with Stumpy, my parents and the kids (us PTA moms, we roll with an entourage).

Despite the crazy schedule, the kids and I have been bravely forging ahead on trying to perfect another recipe. My boy, and one of his cousins, had a particular love for tiramisu gelato in Rome. The Antica Caffe di Teatro Marcello ranked far higher in the Gelato Derby than it would have otherwise solely on the delicious merits of its tiramisu gelato. We decided it was time to re-create it. Attempt #1 is photographed, and it was quite good. I mostly used the recipe in The Perfect Scoop, because it’s a fantastic ice cream book, and I have bloggy wuuuv in my heart for David Lebovitz. Right. Anyway, we crumbled some lady fingers and layered them in with the mocha swirl. I reduced the amount of coffee liqueur because I myself am not wild about boozy desserts, and the kids are not crazy about too much coffee flavor (or boozy desserts). It was good. It was very good.

But… it could be better. The ice cream base itself, with marscapone, was more of a Philadelphia-style base, rather than an egg custard. The kids and I agreed that a little custard-y richness would be good here, possibly even with a little vanilla. The Kahlua-sprinkled ladyfinger crumbs were a good add-in, and the ripple being mocha rather than fudge was delicious. Still, the kids (and I) are hoping to perfect it, so that we can have the perfect recipe when their cousin who really loved the tiramisu gelato comes to visit this summer. And, because they like all of their cousins (and I think they’ll all be out here this summer, for varying lengths), it’s led to discussions of what we’ll be making for their other cousins. Desserts loom large in their plans.

Like the potato pancetta pizza, I’ll let you know when we have the perfect tiramisu gelato. Meanwhile, I am going to have another cup of coffee while I sort out whether I can fit in a workout if I bike to the places where I need to run errands.


cook eat FRET said...

not much to say except, i'm keeping up with you -and well, make me some tiramisu ice cream, damn it.

Meg said...

The tiramisu ice cream recipe is going to be fantastic. Honest.