Sunday, June 15, 2008

Disco Ninjas

Living with deranged midgets has its benefits. I mean, clearly, there are drawbacks— they’re insane midgets for f***sake (my mom reads this. I generally edit for obscenity, despite the fact that out of earshot of the children and sensitive PTA members, I swear like a drunken navy man).

They wake at 6:30am and want to have conversations and tickle fights before coffee. They pretend that they are aliens, and have been placed in my home so that I can teach them earthling ways (no. not kidding. Typical earthling etiquette tip: earthlings think it’s rude to pick your nose at the table). And they love all things ninja, in the way of kung-fu movies. I am their most favored ninja (because everyone looks to a 5’3” Mexican-American chick for tutoring in ninja-ness)— you’d think I would be the ice cream ninja, or the cookie ninja, but no. Grasshoppah, I am The Tickle Ninja, and there is little I cannot teach you in the ways of making someone laugh until they think they might puke.

Today, however, with sunshine, a delicious breakfast under their belts, playing with friends and the prospect of home-made vanilla ice cream swirled with fudge ripple and salted caramel sauce, they learned of a new variety of ninja: The Disco Ninja. It started, as it often starts, with both children challenging The Tickle Ninja to do battle, but somehow morphed into Disco Ninja.
The biggest lesson in learning the ways of being a Disco Ninja, Grasshopper, is that you must learn to shake it like you’re gonna break it.
All that nattered about, I am going to share a Seattle breakfast place that isn’t at all a secret, but is still worth checking out (I might work around to a point, but am not going to promise). Because a good breakfast fortifies ninjas for battle, and gives us the serenity that only plenty of bacon can give. Geraldine’s Counter in Columbia City is not conveniently near Pike Place Market, or… anywhere, really, but it is really good. I’ve been wanting to try it since they opened, but... it just hasn’t happened, until today. When I conveniently and not at all self-interestedly suggested that a good Father’s Day breakfast might be had there. You know, because Stumpy would like it (fortunately, he did). Their French toast may well be the best French toast in the city. Or region. Their breakfast BLT? Delicious. Their standard egg-hash brown-toast-meat breakfast? Neatly executed and very satisfying. However, arrive early or be prepared to fortify yourself for your wait with a latte and pastries from the Columbia City Bakery (a contender for best baguette in town), and take a stroll to peruse the menus at Villa Victoria, La Medusa (a long-time favorite) and the newly opened Casuelita’s. The crowd waiting in the street was substantial; this was one case in which I was very grateful for early-waking deranged midgets. That, and the disco ninja thing, because although it is twee and annoying, it is also unbelievably fun.


cook eat FRET said...

ya know, i read your stuff without fail. and all i can really say to you in this comment is that i really enjoy reading your stuff...

write on

Krysta said...

I'm so glad you commented on my site! (short) Mommy ninja's and deranged alien midgets, I thought I was the only one out there. Those ninja skills come in handy.

Meg said...

Claudia- I guess rambling about deranged midgets falls into the category of "digressing?"

Krysta- the ninja skills are handy, aren't they? I have a sinking feeling they won't be as handy when the midgets are bigger than I am (and it won't be long).