Tuesday, June 24, 2008

This Would Make You Grill-Phobic, Too

Aww. Ain't she cute? Check out those adorable little pigtails, the fab dress, and James, her favorite engine.

Oh, yeah, and the fact that she looks like a baby amputee from sticking her little paws on a grill at a block party. For the weeks that the bandages were on, conversation would literally stop when we walked into stores, restaurants and cafes. The places would take on this horrified, complete silence. I would then explain into the silence that she'd stuck her sweet hands on a grill, and that although it looked awful (and was awful), she would get better. Conversations would resume, and several strangers would come up to me and share stories about terrible burns that healed. I have quite a store of them now.

I might, four years later, be about ready to get over my grill-phobia. But I might not be, either. Check out the photos. How long would it take you?


Anonymous said...

Ah yes... my youngest grabbed my curling iron at about 7 months (she was in a walker which made me a horrible mother, even then). It is horrific and then it gets better. I did swear off grilling my hair (curling irons) for a while but I'm happy to say I now enjoy a healthy relationship with all my styling devices.

Of course my youngest is now 17 so it's probably safe.

Thanks for stopping by!

Meg said...

Well, there's hope that someday I may resume a normal relationship with grills. Maybe. I still look at them and simultaneously flinch and want to cook on them.

Krysta said...

Ouch. I would have grill phobia too.