Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Insufferably Smug Tiramisu Triumph

Gloating and smugness are... well, they’re funny. I mean, dreadfully unattractive and all that, but… funny. Lord Flashheart (“Iiiiiiit’s me! Hooray!”) from Blackadder, anyone?
So, um, imagine me, prancing around my kitchen like Flashheart (I’m fantastic! Hooray!), because, after numerous recipe iterations, I've finally come up with (Wait for it... Oh, wait. I gave it away in the post title) a pretty good tiramisu ice cream recipe. The thing is, it probably isn’t to everyone’s taste. I don’t like to have my tiramisu too ripe with booze (I like booze. I like dessert. I generally like them to be in separate containers, even if they come out in the same course), and my boy doesn’t like too pronounced of a coffee flavor. We got very Goldilocks about it; the first version lacked wasn't richly vanilla-y enough. The next version was tooooooo rich. Another was too marscapone-y. But I (finally) made a recipe that I am highly confident will delight all comers. Well, all comers that like tiramisu, anyway.

I used the picture from version 1, back in May, because when I am drunk on smugness I don’t take very good pictures.


LyB said...

I love your Glodielocks analogy! And that ice cream sounds incredible. :)

Barbara said...

I dropped by to say hi and thanks for visiting my site and find you have made Tiramisu Icecream. Tiramisu is the theme for this months Hay Hay Its Donna Day.

Meg said...

lyb- thanks. It's a great ice cream, but I don't think I would have worked so hard towards perfecting the recipe if my tiramisu ice cream-loving nephew wasn't coming to visit.

Barbara- there are worse themes than tiramisu. I liked your idea for a deconstructed one.