Friday, September 5, 2008

Summer, Sailing Away

Well, while cramming summer and girding myself for the hurricane of paperwork that accompanies the start of school, I took a blog vacation. I didn’t plan it, but… even in the midst of enjoying the summer, when I sat down to write, what popped off the keyboard (aside from many words missing “a”s, since the 'a' button on my computer functions capriciously) was… whining. Which is boring (I'm not a fan of false, simpering cheer, either). The Levin chapters in Anna Karenina are duller because… well, not to be coarse, but Levin is a fucking baby. That man drones whiningly on and on and on; I longed, in his chapters, for Kitty to bitch-slap him and strut happily off into the sunset.

Anyway. My whining? Not even approaching the brilliance of Tolstoy’s. It’s a little more “my babies are growing up and it makes my heart ache and whaaaa…” Yawn.
To recap, without whining: this summer we ate all sorts of things; it was a summer of some serious ice cream making. David Lebovitz’s chocolate sorbet is as decadently, explosively chocolate-y as cook eat fret and smitten kitchen have both asserted. Our summer winner, though, was a vanilla ice cream swirled with salted caramel sauce and fudge ripple. I strongly recommend buying The Perfect Scoop, in which you would find the recipes for vanilla ice cream, salted caramel sauce, fudge ripple, and the marvelous and much blogged about chocolate sorbet (and if you’re in the mood for something else to read while you stir, Anna Karenina isn't a bad choice, although, well, reading Russian lit as winter approaches might not make you feel all that cheerful). We went a bunch of different places in Washington, which I mostly blogged about. Many, many cousins came through on visits, and my kids were delighted.

But now, school’s back in. We're back into the much more rigid school year routine. When you say a schedule is "rigid," that's not all that alluring, is it? Not so much for me, either, even though there are highlights in the regimented time slots. If you coach a soccer team called the Pink Piranhas, there are going to be highlights. Although some people might not consider being clambered on by a half dozen deliriously excited six-year-olds (all in cleats) a highlight.

The food photo is seared tuna served with a quinoa recipe I filched from Tea & Cookies. Check it out and filch it yourself; it’s terrific with or without the tuna on the side. It doesn't have much to do with the post, but half (okay, more) of my digressions don't have a great deal to do with the post at hand. The other photo is of my boy, sailing. I love that the Seattle Parks Department offers sailing lessons that appear to be both cheaper and better than those of several more expensive clubs (not to name any names, Seaschmattle Tennis Club).


Linda Lou said...

Hi Meg, just found your blog, when I saw the word Nutella I knew I came to the right place, a love of food, especially Italian is awesome in my book. I notice you live in Washington. My husband was up there this weekend visiting his best friend near Gig Harbor-it was his first visit. He said it was beautiful, he loved the city. My brother lived there years ago in Queen Anne Hill. Anyway he was struck by the beauty of the Puget Sound! Your photos are great!! I said how was the weather, he said beautiful and sunny -73 degrees.
Come by and visit me at Cucina Cara Mia!! I will be back.

Meg said...

Linda Lou- Seattle is alluring beyond belief in the summer... winter, however, is sometimes a little tougher. I still love it, but I've noticed that many of the vacations I plan skew heavily towards dry, warm and sunny.