Monday, October 13, 2008

Attack of the Pink Penguin

There are so many, many deeply serious things going on in the world right now (wow! epiphany! I'm an observant girl.). Financial crises and election anxiety loom forebodingly. Rising grocery costs and shrinking budgets gnaw at mental ease, and make the larger financial picture seem even darker.

And it’s not that I don’t worry about all that. I do. But… there’s not really much I can do to direct the outcome of the financial turmoil global markets are enduring. My commentary on it? Verbal handwringing isn’t substantive commentary.

My personal solution to my powerlessness, instead of watching the yo-yo motion of the markets and the grim news releases, is to ogle vacation porn (like this. And this. And this. And... okay, I'll stop.).
However, I haven’t had much time to employ my personal solution to financial anxiety, because my hands have been occupied.

I’ve expressed my belief, in the past, that my children have a secret batline to call Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn to create a Project Runway-style Halloween Challenge.

This year their use of the batline netted the following two challenges:

1) A samurai (materials: foam core, upholstery fabric from the marked-down remnants bin, fake leather from same bin, on-sale buttons, on sale upholstery ribbon and spray paint)

2) A pink penguin (materials: pink and white fleece. And, if the remnants bin is kind, perhaps some sort of pink shiny stretchy fabric. Except... I can't sew.)

I’m not kidding.

I will say, the ceremonial, tribal nature of samurai armor is fascinating. It’s also going to be a royal pain to manufacture from fake leather and upholstery fabric scavenged from the remnants bin, ribbons, on-sale buttons and foam core.
The pink penguin… well, what is there to say about a pink penguin (actually, let me clarify: it’s a pink emperor penguin.)? It’s the kind of thing a slightly deranged 1st grader thinks of, and… I have a slightly deranged 1st grader.

The whole not-knowing-how-to-sew thing complicates matters. I can use thread as a staple, but darting and hemming and all of that sew-y stuff? Uh, no. So it should be interesting, since the penguin costume involves fabric, and lots of it. However, last year I demonstrated to my husband that I could fabricate a men’s vest using a stapler (and repeated warnings to hold still), so… if push comes to shove, I can use a stapler and hope the staples don’t poke Curly.

Although first, I should probably make sure her tetanus shots are up to date.


michael, claudia and sierra said...

i think i was reading you last halloween
has a year gone by?
like seriously?

Meg said...

A year. It's hard to believe, isn't it? It also means that you've been blogging for over a year...