Monday, December 22, 2008

A White (if somewhat drippy) Christmas

I used to complain, before I came to really love Seattle, that Seattle had two weeks of summer, two weeks of winter and March the rest of the year. It's not that this isn't true anymore, it's just... well, I've mostly come around to the mild climate, and have been seduced by the beauty of the city and region.

This year, our two weeks of winter appear to have arrived, with over a foot of snow on the ground, in a city that is paralyzed when there's only an inch of mysterious, scary white stuff on the ground.
The kids, of course, were over the moon. They've had white Christmases in Chicago, but never in Seattle. There's sledding (and snowboarding) on the steep streets (if you want a good indicator on whether or not a street is safe to drive, seeing a kid jump a mogul while snowboarding down the street you're thinking of driving on is probably as close to a flashing neon "don't drive" as you're going to get). Snowball fights abound. And on Christmas itself, although it was plentifully mixed with icy rain, snow fell while they ate breakfast.
Hot cocoa, toast with cinnamon sugar and cookie-baking have been the indoor accompaniments of the snow play. It's all very Norman Rockwell. Christmas songs come bubbling, unbidden, to mind.
Even so, as the foot or so of snow is finally melting off, the hated treadmill is starting to look pretty good in comparison to the joys of a snow-shoveling workout done with a garden shovel.

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