Saturday, January 17, 2009

Diary of a Wimpy Immune System

I’ve kvetched more than once about the couch potato nature of my immune system.

A chat with it might go like this:

Me: Hey. Get up and fight disease, please.

My immune system: (long pause, while it thinks about it). Nah. Pass the remote. And would you mind bringing me a beer while you’re at it?
But amazingly (for me), I haven’t been on antibiotics since Thanksgiving. That’s a month and a half of my immune system working. During the winter (it may actually be the first time this decade that I haven’t been popping antibiotics and codeine in December). Winter, traditionally, is the time my immune system hibernates.

My run of normal health is all the more amazing when one considers that during this run of the Seattle Schools Opera, my usual careful attention to exercising and eating fruits and vegetables and trying to get enough sleep has gone out the window. I’ve been subsisting on corn chips, peanut butter cookies from the Dahlia Bakery, and wine, all while chained to my computer until 1am. Weight loss I got from exercise and healthy livin’? 1 lb. Weight loss from cookies, chips, wine and once a week whacking other women with my hockey stick? 10 lbs. I’m not sure whether to be delighted or to scream with frustration. Frustration probably, because the fact that the treadmill and I haven’t been together much is showing up in my skating speed. I love being able to beat people to the puck, even if I can’t do much with the puck once I have it.

But… the honeymoon is over. Curly came down with something nasty, and shared, and my immune system seems to have suddenly realized that it had been steadily functioning for the last six weeks. It’s gone on total strike. My voice sounds like I smoke 6 packs of unfiltered cigarettes a day, and I have a hack to match. And because of the voice, I am in no position to conceal the issue from my mom, whose facial expression is one I've mentioned before: doomed baby harp seal. The Seattle Schools Opera has a run of two more weeks— with plenty of farce sure to be thrown in by all sides— and my immune system is heading for the couch with the remote now? I need two more weeks!

And maybe some soup.

The photos of baby harp seals are courtesy of The clubbed seal is copyrighted by HSUS/Brian Skerry, 2005 and the other is uncredited. Don't club cute things to death, please. The food photo is a rice noodle stir fry with bok choi, shrimp, pork and lots and lots of garlic.


homebody at heart said...
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cook eat FRET said...

was it my comment that got axed? did i say something stupid? cause it's possible.

i love a post that starts with the work kvetch...

Meg said...

It wasn't you, but... I did delete it by accident. I'm not quite sure how, but Evenings With Codeine (which are no longer happening) are probably times that I shouldn't be near a keyboard.

Kvetch is a good word, isn't it?

Anonymous said...

I dont even know if this was real, but whatever that photo was of the baby seal being killed is unexceptable...WHY WOULD YOU EVEN DO THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No animal deserves to be treated like that and the person who did that,come visit me and ill show you pain buddy....he should die....the harp seal is predicted to be endangered and its like you encourage it.Have a good day and whoever did that can go straight to the underworld thank you,and good day.

Baird Gavelbrook said...

Hm. Funny that two people should stumble upon this within a nine month span three years after the post.

Anyways, love the blog. Just wanted to address the previous comment: it's incorrect. Seal clubbing is very humane--it is an instantaneous death. No pain.

Also, the Harp Seal was considered to be at "Low Risk" for endangerment by the IUCN in 2008. Since then, demand for seal products has declined dramatically, and so less seals are being killed every year, thus depriving many humble sealers of a much needed occupation. Poor Newfies.

Anonymous said...

Hope some one clubs your Ass Baird Gavelbrook!...then talk about Humane...and NO PAIN! The animal does Not die instantly! You are so uneducated! You should look at the fur trade and see what a Horrible Death is..some animals are skinned Alive..Including the Harp Seal...sad people like you don't understand "Humans having a voice for animals!"