Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Prada, Take Me Away

I’m not really a Calgon girl.

It’s not that I don’t like leisurely baths, but when I take them at home, I can’t help thinking of all the things I should be doing. At a hotel or on vacation… well, with all the stuff I should do completely removed from me, I can relax, soak, and read a book (no. I can’t soak and do nothing. And please do not suggest a spa day. The tinkly music makes me crazy after about 10 minutes. Spas make me nuts. But, um… I’m not high strung or anything.). But what I do love? Is browsing book stores and insanely expensive shoe sections. There are two pairs of Prada shoes right now that I covet the hell out of― one a bright green patent leather wedge (it's a really unflattering photo of it below, though. Trust me when I say they look zesty and fun in person, even if they look clunky and army green pea soup-ish in the picture) and the other a deeply, deeply impractical (even in comparison to a 3" wedge) be-sequined peep toe pump. In beige (or taupe. whatever). They’re tasteful disco ball shoes, if there is such a thing (and no, there probably isn’t, but these shoes make a comical and endearing attempt to create such a category). I could do chores in those, right? They’re… “everyday festive.” And wouldn’t look at all ridiculous at the grocery store. Or the hockey rink.
The fact that I might have to skip a mortgage payment or two is totally beside the point.

I buy insanely impractical shoes very rarely (and pretty much always on sale. Even so, I am not yet one of the shoe hyenas who charge, howling with shoe-lust, into the Mario’s Superbowl sale). I hate to say it, but there is always, always a killer shoe around, with a crazy price tag and a ton of “buy me” charisma. There’ll be one next year. And I don't actually need them. Which is probably why they're so much fun to browse.

The couches at in the shoe section at Barneys are incredibly comfortable (unlike the bulk of their shoes). I would like to spend an afternoon trying on shoes, and talking with Curly about which incredibly tacky, over-the-top shoe we like best, while we lounge away on the comfy couches. But I don’t really go try stuff on unless I am thinking that there could be a scenario in which I might buy what I’m trying on (that doesn’t involve robbing convenience stores or playing the lottery. Or buying lottery tickets at a convenience store before robbing it). Still, it’s a nice little fantasy: a shoe day instead of a spa day. As long as I’m at it, I’ll have a French 75 (I love cocktails with champagne) while I admire and try on shoes.

And now… I probably need to scale the mountain of unfolded laundry that has accumulated during this run of the Seattle Schools Opera. And maybe have a glass of wine, and do what I let Curly do when she’s down in the dumps: get out a couple of boxes of my most ridiculous, fun shoes, and try them on.

But to finish up, here's a picture of Sam the Eagle because as I mentioned in the comments from my lobster post, I keep thinking of David Tanis as a foodie Sam the Eagle.


Magua said...

Nice video capture of my recent public speaking appearance. Apparently I really did talk until I was blue in the face.

Meg said...

Well, you are the #1 Sam the Eagle impersonator for the kids and I. You did turn a bit on the periwinkle side in that public speaking spot.

sourceoutdoor said...

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