Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Cupid Uses Nerf Weapons

All kind of things have made me feel better today, and I have to admit, leading the charge is that revolting holiday: Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is filled with enough tritely sweetened sentiments to make your teeth ache. It's tacky, over-commercialized… and pretty fun. The kids made a morning Top Pot run with Stumpy for Valentine’s Day doughnuts, and really, if you can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day by eating fried dough topped with sugar, when can you? There was a properly déclassé heart-shaped doughnut, which… well, I can actually smell the sugar in the frosting from across the room. I’m afraid, even though I don’t have diabetes, that it is entirely possible that eating that thing would send me into a diabetic coma.

Still. Smells kinda good.

The idea behind the Top Pot run was, sweetly, to let me sleep in. Of course once they got back, the kids were so excited (and hepped up on the frosting from their own doughnuts) that they were bringing me breakfast in bed and letting me sleep in that they kept bopping into the bedroom for kisses and to tell me they were letting me sleep in and then! they had a surprise! Finally, I pulled them into bed, tickled them, and had my breakfast. They could have done worse than 8:30.

After, we had some semi-traditional blood orange juice, with the kids begging me to voice the oranges to their doom (as in: “Hey. Hey, kid. You look pretty nice. You wouldn’t want to send a poor orange to become juice, would you? I have a family depending on me, sweet little orange blossoms back at home. Hey, no. No. Don’t do it, kid! Ow! Ooooow! You little creep! Aaaarrggghhh.”), and then enthusiastically downing the juice they made with glee. I made cards for the kids, which is something of a tradition, and thus: my cupid uses nerf weapons. He does (note the garish orange and yellow arrows in the quiver), too. The other was for my hockey-saurus, with a T. Rex skating in a pink and purple jersey. It’s… less traditional.

Happy Valentine’s Day. Enjoy the lovey cheese of it all. Maybe with a nice chevre.


cook eat FRET said...

my v-day was... ummmm, not so great. so thanks for the vicarious pleasure.

Meg said...

I'm sorry yours was not-so-great. I hope it wasn't a total disaster.

If it makes you feel any better, mine was a romantic dud (it was my fault, not Stumpy's). We'd planned to get a little dolled up and drink blood orange mimosas (hey, we'd juiced the oranges. best not to let that go to waste, right?) together once the kids went to bed. But I caught a cold from the kids, and during the day it really settled in. So instead of looking fabulous, I was red-nosed and snuffling, wrapped in old sweaters and stuffily saying "pwease bing be bore tea."

Anonymous said...

Hi, I enjoy reading your blog and I see that you have been to quite a few of seattles bakeries and for my birthday (i live in port townsend) wanted to stop in to a few of the best of the best. I was wondering if you can suggest a few of your faves? The kind of stuff I like are cookies (chocolate chip, snickerdoodle) and cake slices. I would love to visit all of the top bakeries, oh someday.

Meg said...

Oh, anon, did my husband pay you to make this comment? Because it's MY kind o' comment.

My reigning favorite for cookies right now is the Dahlia Bakery ( will give you necessary details). Their peanut butter sandwich cookies are sneakily, impossibly addictive (this from a woman who does NOT like peanut butter). My kids are wild for their chocolate truffle cookies, and their sour cherry swirls are not to be overlooked. They do a solid on chocolate chip, too. Added bonus? It's (relatively) convenient to the ferry.

I am pretty fond of a good snickerdoodle, too. Sweet & Savory does a nice one, and I may die of shame admitting this, but Whole Foods snickerdoodle? Doesn't, um... suck. My recent cookie-and-coffee bronchitis diet MIGHT have been heavily composed of Dahlia Bakery peanut butter sandwich cookies and Whole Foods snickerdoodles. Essential Baking Company is pretty respectable on the snickerdoodle, too.

Bakery Nouveau does a great chocolate chip (and The Absolute BEST chocolate cake in town). North Hill Bakery is strong and old-fashioned on cookies and cakes (their chocolate cake is not as lush as Bakery Nouveau's but is like your best memory of an old-fashioned chocolate cake. Ever.).

On Queen Anne, Macrina's brown butter shortbread cookies (and I am not generally wild for shortbread) are delicious, and being on Queen Anne would give you a chance to browse Chocolopolis.

The Volunteer Park Cafe & Marketplace is strong on chocolate bundt cake (doesn't sound amazing, but the taste is tough to argue with). Many of their cookies have macadamia nuts, so we've avoided them like they could kill us all (even though, really, it's only Curly that would die), but they look pretty tempting if nuts don't make you quakingly nervous. You can take a walk in Volunteer Park, check out the museum or greenhouses, and then enjoy yourself some (possibly) very good cookies (North Hill Bakery is also convenient for all of this, with less in the way of pernicious, nut-filled morsels of doom). Volunteer Park Cafe & Marketplace has got a huuuuge fan base, as a cafe-restaurant.

What's easy for you to get to when you come in on the ferry? Are there neighborhoods you tend to end up in?

Anonymous said...

Oh thank you so much! This is so much appreciated! We usually drive through down town, maybe go to university village, walk on the waterfront, walk on green lake, go to our favorite vegetarian restaurant Bamboo Garden and then get something sweet in the metropolitan market. Have you tried Simple Desserts? For their cake? I was interested in them, but I have heard that they have bad customer service.