Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Hate Songbirds, Puppies and Apple Pie

What kind of songbird starts twittering at 4am? What's wrong with them? Did Starbucks put espresso in birdfeeders all around town, causing birds to tweet like they've gone beserk?

Why was I awake at 4am to hear the beserk twittering of birds? Hmm. Well, there's another culprit, who I feel a little bad for, since he has been working crazy long hours. That would be Stumpy, who, true to his nickname, came stumping in from work at about 3:30am this morning (Stumpy is a big guy, and I'll put it nicely: he's not exactly stealthy), waking me up. And, as people who are utterly worn out are wont to do, he snored loudly and persistently enough to keep me up. Maybe he woke the birds up, causing them to twitter in revenge. He was certainly loud enough. I thought about grabbing a blanket and moving to the couch.

But then I remembered that it was when I was washing our two spare blankets that the washing machine BROKE, leaving them sodden and dripping into the utility sink as I fiddled around trying to sort out what might be causing the malfunction (not a drainage hose clogged with one of Curly's itty bitty socks. Not a drainage problem overall. Not... etc). The problem appears to be the stupid motor, which I cannot fix. However, the person who can fix it has not come yet. So... no blankets. So I lay there, listening to my exhausted husband snore and I started to drift off, anyway, and then? The damn (insert as many additional obscenities as you feel like here. I certainly did) birds started singing.

Finally, between the snoring and the singing, I just got up. I washed dishes, wiped down counters, swept the kitchen - you know, exciting things to be doing at 4:30am.

But what I really, really wanted (if I couldn't be sleeping)? Was a BB gun.

I'll post on travel in Oregon and camping food (such as it is for us) when I get some more sleep and a lot more coffee. And maybe a BB gun.

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