Tuesday, September 22, 2009

At Last

Break out the Etta James and the champagne, baby (or a cheap bottle of Blanquette de Limoux)!I also finally, finally finished painting the flowers on my wall by adding the yellow stamens. It's not a startling difference, but it's kind of nice to be done. Just in time for it to need to be repainted.

After a whole lotta testing and talking, Curly’s allergist is cautiously encouraging us to re-introduce tree nuts that are not the pernicious, treacherous macadamia nut. He’s still of mind that the macadamia is evil, and Curly’s Life With An Epi-Pen should continue to have an epi-pen in it, in case a malicious macadamia nut tries to get my baby.

I have to admit, it’s more than a little unsettling to intentionally hand the kid food that, a month ago, would have had me doing a slo-mo dive across the room (complete with the slo-mo “Noo-oooooo-oo-oooo!”) to snatch it away from her. When Curly asked for salted marcona almonds, I started to squirm with anxiety when she’d eaten about six, and asked her to stop. I told her that we could try macaroons the next day, but I needed a little time to ease back into a friendly relationship with tree nuts. Curly looked at me as if I was talking ca-razy (because… I was), but consented. Macaroons were being offered. So who cares if the chick offering them is a little whacked?

Still, the doctor okayed careful reintroduction of nuts other than the dreaded macadamia.

And by careful reintroduction of other tree nuts, I am quite confident he meant: give the kid some Nutella.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of things you do for your kids (&, BTW, trap every germ known to man is not one of the things you're SUPPOSED to do. Yes, that's a hint, for your lungs, if no one else), I managed to pull a calf muscle attempting to do true X-C fan stuff for the your IEN (who continues to live up to that billing, consuming a couple hot dogs at the ball game after the carbo-fest, and allowing on the way home as to how, yes a pre-bedtime Big Mac would be just right). Yep, he drops 30 secs. off his three-mile time, smashing the 17 min. barrier, and I pull a muscle. But he did get a medal (5th overall for a nine school soph. race) and the team got a plaque (3rd) out of it.

Meg said...

Should I be taking immuno-function advice from someone who injures herself being a x-country fan? I mean, it's not exactly on the list of Most Dangerous Sports To Watch.

And also, way to go (and fast), IEN.