Thursday, October 15, 2009

Crappy! Chart! Thursday! Takes the Week Off

I got dropped on my head. It’s not as echoingly painful today, but I unless someone feels like sponsoring Crappy! Chart! Thursday! (gift cards to Barneys, with plenty of 0s, would be considered a reasonable form of payment, and I’m pretty sure are medically proven to accelerate healing in female Hispanic hockey players with a love for impractical and absurdly priced shoes), I’m taking this week off from chart geekery.


Robin said...

If only I had anything to back up a gift card that could sustain an extra amount of 0s, I would send it your way. You definitely deserve it! Feel better.

Meg said...

Thanks, Robin. It's not as if I need high heels with multiple zeroes attached and a high chance of getting ruined the first time I wear them. But they're fun to think about, somehow. More fun than crappy charts, anyway.